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You may not feel compelled to consult a South Lake TX mosquito abatement expert. That is until the West Nile Virus finds its way into your own backyard. Unfortunately, if you live in the South Lake, Tx area, then the reality might be hitting too close to home.

South Lake Tx mosquito abatement

Don’t catch a virus; repel mosquitoes effectively with Texan Mosquito Systems.

The city might take South Lake TX mosquito abatement measures to prevent further spread. But why not take matters into your own hands?

Texan Mosquito Systems takes the guesswork out of mosquito abatement. We can answer all of your questions and help keep you safe. By considering getting a mosquito control system for your yard, you are also helping your fellow neighbors.

Is mosquito control safe?

Most chemical mosquito sprays are toxic. Many are toxic to small pets or children. Unlike a natural mosquito control spray, a chemical spray uses harmful ingredients to sell a product. Natural mosquito sprays, on the other hand, are often not effective at making mosquitoes stay away.

Individual mosquito sprays are used more than once a day. Sometimes every day. Especially during the heavy and humid months during the summer.

Mosquito Abatement Options

We don’t need to tell you to put a tarp over the pool in your backyard. Or not to leave buckets of water sitting out by your front porch to keep mosquitoes at bay. The reality is, you are in a never-ending battle with mosquitoes, and they show up again and keep coming back.

Types of pest control

Usually, once every several months or perhaps twice a year, professional pest control experts visit your home. They spray around nooks and small interior spaces of your house or apartment. However, the chemicals used to treat the interior of your home are generally very toxic. Most of the time, people and pets need to stay out of the house for several hours after treatment.

One issue with these types of mosquito abatement is their lack of ventilation. You will usually need to spray them inside your home. Your indoors, depending on where you can be poorly ventilated or stuffy. Spraying indoors implies that the chemicals released by these types of pest control are not easily aired out.

Mosquito abatement provided by the city is toxic to a degree. However, this type of repellent is what you usually see driving around neighborhoods. A truck travels up and down communities and sprays a mist-like solution into the air.

Many people do not like this type of mosquito abatement because of chemicals known as organophosphate and pyrethrins. These chemicals, in particular, are harmful to the nervous system and kill good bugs and even fish.

It is reasonable to think they are harmful to pets and plants as well.

South Lake TX Mosquito Abatement

South Lake Tx Mosquito Abatement

With Texan Mosquito Systems on your side, you’ll no longer have to worry about your children’s safety.

What if there were a mosquito control solution sprayed outdoors and safe for plants, animals, you, and your family?

If you live in or around South Lake, Texas, you need an effective South Lake TX mosquito abatement expert.

South Lake Houston, Tx, is the perfect area for heavy mosquito infestation. Humidity is thick in Texas, and you know how agitating mosquitoes are, especially during the summer.

The areas where mosquitoes love to gather are near water or heavy brush. So, when it rains and pours in your area, your yard becomes saturated. There is little you can do about mosquitoes collecting around all the water. You have tried various mosquito control tactics, but nothing seems to work!

In other words, alternative methods of natural pest control do not always work. At least not well enough.

So stop collecting citronella candles that hardly keep mosquitoes at bay. Quit wasting your time and money on mosquito sprays that don’t work or mosquito sprays that are detrimental to your health.

Use an Effective and Natural Mosquito Misting System Instead.

Texan Mosquito Systems is your solution. We provide a natural and chemical-free formula in the form of a misting system. This is what we conveniently install into and around your yard. The nozzles look similar to the nozzles on your sprinkler system.

We consider the structure of your home to make sure we can properly install the components. We also consider the aesthetic appeal of the mosquito system. And we offer a free consultation to come and inspect your yard.

Texan Mosquito Systems is a natural mosquito control misting control service.! You already know mosquitoes carry potentially life-threatening diseases.

Mosquitoes can infect you with the Zika Virus or the West Nile Virus. Unfortunately, a vaccine or treatment option does not exist for either.

If you are bit by a disease-carrying mosquito, the symptoms of the West Nile virus can be mild. But for others, they can also be severe. An outbreak can happen with just one mosquito.

The odds are somewhat rare in Texas. But if it did happen, you could be out of luck getting treatment of any kind. So it is better not to take a chance.

Expert mosquito control with Texan Mosquito Systems

South Lake Tx Mosquito abatement

Texan Mosquito Systems will install your system perfectly!

Our professional technicians are trained and experienced in installing mosquito misting nozzles around your property. You have zero to lose except pesky disease-carrying mosquitoes. In addition, our natural mosquito control is safe for your family, pets, and plants.

You can schedule an initial free consultation with no obligations. Find out how a safe, natural mosquito control system can benefit the life of you and your family.

Mosquitoes that won’t hang around your property are less likely to fly indoors. Imagine being able to sleep without an annoying buzzing in your ear.

Our team of technicians will also schedule monthly maintenance. They perform any checks and refills to ensure that the equipment is working correctly. You may schedule monthly meetings bimonthly or customize the maintenance schedule to meet your preferences.

A South Lake TX mosquito abatement option with Texan Mosquito Systems is the perfect solution to your mosquito problems. So give us a call at 713-344-1984 now and schedule your free consultation appointment with a technician.

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