How to Stop Mosquitoes from Invading Your Home!

Ever wonder how to stop mosquitoes from invading your home? Well, stick around because if you have blood, or are a vampire looking to protect your stash, you’ll want to know all you can about keeping the pesky bugs out! We say invading your home because that is very much what it is, an invasion. No one is out here inviting the little disease bags in for tea, as they make terrible house guests!

When it comes to keeping the mosquitoes at bay and out of your home, the best offense is a good defense. Our team at the Texan Mosquito Systems company has had many years of experience in mosquito warfare. So you can trust that we know what we’re doing and that we can help you too! We’ll let you in on a few steps you can take, leading up to the proverbial atom bomb of mosquito prevention.

This Bug Is Bad

Houston, TX How to Stop Mosquitoes from Invading Your Home!

Know your enemy; the mosquito.

First, it helps to know your enemy, the mosquito. If you don’t think of mosquitos as such, then you’ve clearly never been outside around dusk. Mosquitoes are not just annoying bloodsuckers; they can be fraught with pathogens that can carry deadly diseases. They can transmit those diseases to your brother, daughter, yourself… even your dogs aren’t safe!

Implementing the following steps can help you take back not only your home, but your yard as well. Don’t give up even an inch of your property to these flying little disease dumpsters unless they’re paying rent!

Build A Fortress

Outfit your home with screens on the windows and make sure the A/C is on when you can. This will prevent them from slipping past your defense, but make sure you close the door when you come inside! You can also look into sticky strips that can be placed along your windowsill.

The second thing you can do is stop them at the source! Did you know that water is even vital to something as soulless as the mosquito? Yes, even monsters need to hydrate. Specifically, mosquitoes have 4 stages in their life cycle, and three-fourths of that cycle are in an aquatic state.

To rupture this cycle, you should remove any standing water, change it often, or add a fountain that makes some waves. This can be water hiding in your gutters, a hole your dog made, the birdbath in the garden. Texas is the ever-wild weather ballon of humidity, coupled with the Gulf Coast nearby; mosquitos will, unfortunately, thrive unless you stop them.

Bring In The Big Guns

Houston, TX How to Stop Mosquitoes from Invading Your Home!

Be a family free from the plight of mosquitoes.

If you find that you’re losing the war with these floating garbage bags of blood, do not fear; just call us. Whether you have a residential or commercial location, we will help you! From the moment you contact us, you can rest well knowing that your mosquito problem will be a thing of the past.

Our professional consultants will walk you through our mosquito misting system! We will install sprayers and nozzles that will effectively end the mosquito war in your yard, and thus your home. Head to one of our locations in the Houston area to learn more. Because with us on your side, the battle will already be won!