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Keep Mosquitoes Away for Good

Texan Mosquito Systems will step in and help if you need maintenance on your mosquito misting system. Even the most high-tech and quality equipment will experience wear and tear, need refills, and experience issues. Our team can schedule maintenance visits monthly, bimonthly, or whenever you need them. We want to choose the plan that works best for you.

During maintenance, we can check and refill your drum and tanks. Bacteria can compromise the insecticide and clog the filter if you have a hot, stagnant system. With a clogged filter, nothing can get through, making the concentration of the mix quite challenging to come out through the spray and nozzle. Additionally, active ingredients within the insecticide tend to stay at the bottom or migrate to the top of the suspension.

Mosquito infestations occur often after the rain comes and goes. Regular maintenance of your system prevents issues from occurring. Keeping the misting system working as intended will eliminate the possibility of mosquitoes infiltrating your outdoor area. Get in touch with Texan Mosquito Systems now.

When Your System Needs a Check

The performance of your system is critical to keeping mosquitoes and the potential pathogens they carry away from your home. Keep in mind that diagnostic services are essential for maintaining the top-tiered performance of your system. Our maintenance service can ensure that your misting system can keep mosquitoes away from your home during the peak seasons. The best times for a routine check are before and after the peak mosquito season.

Mosquito Systems Maintenance Service

We understand our customers’ desire to maintain a mosquito-free environment. Keeping mosquitoes away is essential for health and aesthetics. Regular maintenance is crucial, involving checks on equipment, hoses, usage levels, and nozzle conditions. This ensures your system functions efficiently and lasts longer. With an extended usage capacity, you can effectively deter mosquitoes at your property, be it a commercial site or your home.

Mosquitos Can Cause Diseases

As you may know, a pathogen is something that causes disease. You do not want the dangers mosquitoes carry to course through your bloodstream, as they have the chance to become detrimental to your health. If you utilize our misting system, we can prevent a potentially serious issue from happening. Our goal is to allow your property to thrive under mosquito-free conditions. Our misting system is an effective tool to safeguard your residential or commercial property from insect infestations.

A mosquito’s saliva transfers to the host during the bite, which can cause a rash. However, many species ingest pathogens while feeding. These pathogens can develop into diseases such as malaria, Zika, and others. These little critters are responsible for transmitting more diseases than any other animal species. Therefore, we’re here to assist you in eliminating this issue.

Mosquitoes act as vectors for these diseases, making it crucial to protect your property. Our goal is to ensure the safety of your loved ones and co-workers by preventing the transmission of these viruses on your property. When you contact us, we prioritize customer satisfaction and care about your health.

We provide misting systems that help protect you and those you care about from potential bloodborne pathogens carried by mosquitoes. Whether you own commercial property or are a homeowner, having a misting system is essential to safeguard against these viruses. Let us assist you in staying safe from these health threats.


Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your outdoor experience. Instead, contact the experts here at Texan Mosquito Systems. You can reach one of our friendly representatives by calling (713) 344-1984.


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