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Do you need the best Plano TX mosquito control system installed in your backyard to protect your family from mosquitoes? Worry not; we have you covered! Texan Mosquito System has installed numerous amounts of mosquito misting systems in Plano, Texas. Thus, if you want the best pest control services, give us a quick call at (214) 390-6131. In addition, ask us about how you can get a free yard evaluation and quote!

Texan Mosquito Systems Offers High-Quality Customer Service

Did you know that we offer outstanding customer services to the people in Plano, Texas? As a result, we would love to provide you with the best services we possibly can.

If you are located in proximity to our; Texan Mosquito Systems 2695 Villa Creek Dr. Ste. B126, Dallas, TX 75234, come and visit us. As a result, we would love to discuss the Plano mosquito situation you have going on in your home. In addition, we will provide you with fast, cost-effective solutions to address the issues and provide you with a mosquito-free home once again.

Our location is open from seven in the AM to Seven PM most days. However, we close early on Wednesdays at five in the evening, and on Sundays, we close at midday. Thus, feel free to come to visit us and talk about mosquito control systems in your area.

Plano TX mosquito control system

We install the best Plano TX mosquito control system in town!

Worry not if you can not make it nor call us during regular business hours. You may send Texan Mosquito Systems a detailed email with your questions about the services and the products; we utilize when installing nozzles and sprays in your outdoor parameters.

One of our Mosquito slayer and prevention specialist will reply to your email with more than adequate answers; as soon as possible. Fear not! When you need a Plano TX mosquito control system installed in your backyard as quickly as possible, give us a call.

When is Mosquito Season?

Where you aware that people have a misconception that mosquitoes only come out during the summer; and that there is only one kind of mosquito?

Well, did you know that there are over 3,000 mosquitoes species worldwide? In addition, more than eighty different mosquito species call Texas their cozy home?

The majority of Texan mosquito species prefer hot, humid, and tropical-like weather-like conditions. But, there are other species of mosquitoes that come out when Texas gets cold, windy, and the humidity levels drop.

Mosquitoes Love Water!

Did you not know that mosquitoes breed and lay their eggs in standing pools of water? In addition, mosquito eggs hatch to larvae, larvae turn into pupa; and adult mosquitoes capable of breeding in hours after emerging from their pupa sates only take a few days to complete their life cycle. Thus, your yard can become infested with a swarm of mosquitoes with a couple of days.

As a result, you need a Plano TX mosquito control system installed in your backyard as soon as possible. You do not want to be the victim of a mosquito bite since mosquitoes carry deadly pathogens that are harmful to people and pets.

Mosquitoes Carry Life-Threatening Pathogens!

Where you aware of the fact that mosquitoes can spread deadly pathogens such as; viruses, parasites, and many other blood-borne diseases when mosquitoes bite and feed on person to person, to animals?

Indeed you, your family, or pets can get infected with life-threshing pathogens via mosquito bites. As a result, you need to protect yourself from these tiny yet hazardous insects!

Plano TX mosquito control system

Mosquitoes spread diseases via bite!

The Virus of Zika

Did you know that pregnant women and the elderly are at higher risk of suffering the consequences of the Zika Virus? Elders are not strong enough to fight off the virus, and they can potentially perish from the virus.

In addition, fetuses in pregnant women are affected by the Zika virus in a negative way. For example, the baby can be born with congenital issues, which can cause baby complications; also affect the overall quality of the baby as it grows into adulthood.

The complications include mutations in genetics, physical malformations, and health issues. Thus if you are expecting a baby, you need to protect yourself from the vampiric blood-thirsty dangerous mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes and the West Nile Virus

How do mosquitoes get infected with the West Nile virus? Mosquitoes contract the virus when they feed on infected feathery birds such as crows, ravens, doves, pigeons, and other birds.

Then mosquitoes spread the virus via bites to humans and animals alike. You should be concern since the West Nile Virus is very dangerous to human health! In fact, the virus can affect your central nervous system, and the damage is irreversible!

Thus your life can change dramatically once your nerves are damaged. For example, the way you think, feel, and how you function in your everyday life can be changed due to the West Nile virus infection!

Where you aware that there are no vaccines to prevent the West Nile and Zika virus? In addition, no cure nor specific treatment has been developed to treat both viruses? Thus you will have to wait and see if your body is strong enough to fight off the virus.

Do not put your life at risk! Allow Texan Mosquito Systems to help you keep the diseases and infection-spreading insects as far away from your home as possible.

Plano TX mosquito control system

Installing a misting system in your yard to keep mosquitoes and terminate them is as simple as one, two, three, boom mosquitoes go bye-bye!

Call us to get your free yard evaluation and quote from us as soon as possible. One of our techs will help you out and install an effective system in your yard in four to ten hours; after they schedule an installation appointment with you.

After installing nozzles and sprays in your yard, our techs will elaborate where and what they have installed in your yard. And set up monthly check-up appointments to keep your Plano TX mosquito system running year-round.

Plano TX mosquito control system

Call us today for the best mosquito control systems at affordable prices!

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