Mosquito Bites And What To Do About Them

You might be wondering about mosquito bites and what to do about them! Stick around because we’re going to break it down, so you know why it happens and how to treat it!

Why Does The Blighted Bug Bite!?

The first thing to understand is why mosquitoes bite in the first place. The simple answer is survival; the long annoying answer is that female mosquitoes require blood to lay eggs. This means that when you feel the pinch of a mosquito bite, all the blood it stole from you will go into creating more of the monsters.

Mosquito Bites And What To Do About Them

Don’t let the bugs bite!

Do you know why a mosquito bite itches? You might think it’s due to the blood cells clopping around the area they suck from. While this can cause irritation, it’s not the reason for the itch! In fact, the itch is caused by the saliva produced from and left behind by the mosquito.

Your body has a natural defense against blood cells collapsing that typically results in scaping. Mosquitoes counteract this defense by releasing saliva that stops the scabbing process. This ensures that the bug can keep sucking your blood right up. Essentially, mosquitoes spit on you as they bite then multiply high on your blood.

Mosquitoes Are Deadly!

Even though mosquitoes are the size of raisins, they are one of the deadliest animals in the world! It’s a little unbelievable, but the CDC and World Health Organization have both made statements warning the public about the bugs. Even Bill Gates has claimed mosquitoes to be one of the deadliest beasts that humans have had to deal with.

It’s a fact that mosquitoes have killed more humans than any other animal on the planet! They carry diseases around like first-class dumpsters of death. Zika, West Nile, and Malaria are only but a few of the diseases mosquitoes can inflict upon you. The tiny aerial strikers kill upwards of one million people each year!

I Survived The Attack, What Now?

There are a multitude of ways to handle a mosquito bite! They range from doing nothing to buying expensive creams and such. The following is our best list of solutions to stop the itch and heal the bite!

  • Hot Spoon– Heat can be effective in stopping itches because of its effect on the blood around the bite.
  • Old School– This would be just the traditional soap and water cleaning.
  • Ice, Ice Baby– Opposite of the hot spoon, you can numb an itch with an ice cube!
  • Nothing– Yup, you can do nothing. Don’t touch it, scratch it, pick, or poke and it should go away in no time!
  • Green Thumb– Aloe vera is a house plant that can be applied due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the gel inside.

Bite Back Against The Bloodsuckers!

Give us a call when you’re fed up dealing with mosquito bites! Our team will have your back be it a commercial or residential space. Check out one of our locations near you to get the team you deserve in the war against mosquitoes. From Dallas to Houston, Texan Mosquito Systems will install the misting system you need!