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If you’ve been searching for a Celina, TX mosquito company, look no further than Texan Mosquito Systems. For more than a decade, we have been offering mosquito solutions to residents across Celina, TX, and all throughout the Dallas area. With that in mind, you can rely on our knowledgeable and experienced team to provide the solutions you’ve been looking for.

Mosquitos aren’t just pesky little creatures; they can be dangerous to your health. With more than 2,000 species of mosquitos all carrying a wide range of diseases and viruses, you want to ensure you have defenses in place to protect yourself and your loved ones against these insects.

Celina, TX mosquito company

Contact our team today and benefit from a mosquito-free backyard this summer.

The West Nile Virus, Malaria, and Zika Virus are just some of the many things you can be exposed to through a mosquito bite. However, when you contact the experts at Texan Mosquito Systems, you’ll no longer have to worry about such things. Our pet-friendly misting system has proven effective at ridding the mosquito population in areas where our system has been installed.

Whether you’re looking for a solution to your mosquito problem at your home or place of work, know that we proudly offer our services for both residential and commercial areas. Give us a call today and start enjoying a mosquito-free environment.

A Celina, TX Mosquito Company

Here in Texas, the hot climate offers a great breeding ground for mosquitos. Unfortunately, this means we experience a high volume of mosquitos throughout the summer months. If you’re tired of mosquitos taking up residency in your yard, call Texan Mosquito Systems and ask about our tried and true misting system today.

We strive to help as many people as possible combat their mosquito problems. With that in mind, we have ensured our misting system offers a customizable aspect so we can offer the best level of protection to every client. With individual nozzles and sprayers, we can strategically place them around your yard to ensure every area receives optimal protection against mosquitos.

Keep the Mosquitos at Bay with our Mosquito Control System

Our system is incredibly discreet so you won’t have to worry about it affecting the aesthetic of your yard. As our system is custom, the price will vary from case to case and depend on a number of factors. If you’d like an accurate quote of our misting system, our team will carry out a complimentary evaluation of your yard.

This allows our team to get a feel for the space they’re working with and provide you with as accurate a quote as possible. We will consider the diameter of the space, labor costs, and the parts needed to fulfill the job. Contact our team today if you’re ready to schedule your yard evaluation and start enjoying a mosquito-free environment.

Find a Pest Control Company that Works for You

There are various mosquito control companies in the Dallas area. With that in mind, it can be hard to narrow down your options. Alternatively, you may think that all these companies offer the same services and you opt for the first one you can find. However, that shouldn’t be the case.

Here at Texan Mosquito Systems, we have developed our mosquito misting system to be safe for children and pets. This isn’t always the case with pest control services and is something you should be aware of if you have small pets and younger children.

Moreover, our team has more than a decade of experience under their belts. As such, you can be confident in our knowledge and our installation experience.

Celina, TX mosquito company

We are the Celina, TX mosquito company you need to call.

Why Install a Mosquito Misting System?

Of course, you may be thinking about why you should go through the hassle of installing a misting system. After all, there are several preventative measures you can put in place to prevent mosquitos from hanging around your home.

Citronella candles are popular among homeowners for keeping mosquitos away when they’re enjoying time in their yard. However, they aren’t a guaranteed method of prevention and they also don’t offer a long-lasting solution.

That is why our misting system is your best defense against the mosquito population. Systems like ours have been put through tests and studies and have proven to be up to 98% effective. In addition, our team provides frequent maintenance services to ensure your system performs at its best.

With that in mind, you won’t find a more efficacious solution for your mosquito problems.

Combative Measures Against Mosquitos

In addition to installing our system, there are several things you can do to deter mosquitos from hanging around your backyard and home. First and foremost, you should make sure there is no standing water anywhere on your property, as this provides an optimal breeding ground for mosquitos to lay their eggs.

Standing water can be anything from a kiddie pool to a birdbath. Swimming pools are an exception due to the chemicals and chlorine; this will deter mosquitos and not provide a viable place for them to hatch their eggs.

What’s more, there are certain plants that have been proven to keep mosquitos at bay. Some of these plants include Marigolds, Catnip, and Basil. As such, if you have flower beds in your yard, you should take advantage of this space and make your yard look beautiful and colorful while preventing the mosquitos from hanging around.

If you’d like to know more methods of mosquito prevention, feel free to contact our team, and we’ll do our best to provide a temporary solution until our technicians can set up your misting system.

Long-Term Mosquito Control in Celina, Texas

As mentioned before, we offer maintenance services to ensure your system operates at its best. Every month or every other month, our team will visit your home and top up the misting solution on your system, so you don’t run out of your best defense against the mosquito population in your area.

Celina, TX mosquito company

Give us a call and we’ll have your system installed in no time.

Moreover, we provide repair services as and when needed. If you notice a build-up of mosquitos in your area, this could be a sign that your system is faulty. If this ever happens, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we’ll schedule a time at your earliest convenience for our team to come and inspect your system and get it working at full capacity again.

Call today and see what makes Texan Mosquito Systems the best Celina. TX mosquito company.

Celina, TX Fun Facts

  • It was named for the city in Tennessee with the same name.
  • Celina lies across two counties.
  • It has an elevation of 692 feet.