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Looking for a Celina TX mosquito misting system? Texan Mosquito Systems are Texas’ premiere mosquito-killing experts. We operate everywhere from the Greater Houston area up to Dallas and Fort Worth. Are unusually rainy summer has caused booming mosquito populations that have created an even greater need for more effective mosquito treatments.

So, when you need a mosquito control that works, turn to our mosquito system. Call us today or visit our website for more information on how we approach dealing with the pests in your backyard.

Celina TX mosquito misting system

Control your yard with a mosquito system!

Whether it’s your home or business, our system works to keep you mosquito-free year-round. Mosquito repellents are only half measures in dealing with an insect that is a deadly vector of disease. Mosquitos use standing water as breeding grounds, and with the recent rains, it is proving to be an unprecedented boom in cases of disease caused by the little bloodsuckers.

Calling today will ensure that you beat the rush on new installations for residential and commercial areas.

What’s a mosquito misting system?

Our mosquito misters is a sprinkler system solution that brings your mosquito problem under control, unlike any other system on the market. That’s because we use top-of-the-line products and materials to ensure that your system works properly to keep pests controlled.

Mosquitos are hosts for a host of different diseases that can make us ill if not be fatal for us. Some of these diseases are West Nile Virus, Dengue fever, Chikungunya, Zika Virus, malaria, and many more. Mosquitoes kill more than one million people a year, and there are no signs of the number coming down anytime soon.

Instead, proactive steps must be taken to protect yourself and your loved ones from becoming another victim of these vampiric insects.

Did you know that only female mosquitoes are capable of sucking blood through their mouth, known as a proboscis? Female mosquitoes require your blood for their reproductive cycle. And, to add insult to injury, after she has your blood to nourish her young, she will find a stagnant source of water to lays hundreds to thousands of her offspring that will continue the cycle when they hatch in as little as 7 days.

History’s greatest killer

According to Winegard, a leading expert and scientist who specializes in studying the pathological history of mosquitoes, he estimates that mosquitoes have killed upwards of 52 billion humans across history. That is roughly equal to one in every two people who have ever lived have died of a disease that mosquitoes have carried.

Why are mosquitoes so virulent? This has to do with female mosquitoes and their need for blood to create the next generation of mosquitoes. A female mosquito is likely to bite several victims before finally getting enough blood for her brood.

Celina TX mosquito misting system

Mosquitoes reproduce in standing water! Be on the lookout!

West Nile Virus, for instance, is passed to mosquitoes from infected birds being fed on by the mosquito, and from there, once they suck your blood, the virus passes over to you through the female’s saliva.

Keep these dangerous creatures outside of your home and yard with our Celina TX mosquito misting system.

Ever wondered why mosquito bites don’t itch?

This is due to the saliva mosquito deposits under your skin while biting you. It is full of antihistamines that suppress our immune system’s natural instinct to protect itself from an external threat. While quite effective in suppressing the pain or feeling of a bite at the moment, this chemical that mosquitoes secrete breakdown quickly afterward, causing that all too familiar itching sensation.

How quickly can I have a system installed?

Our technicians are as timely as they are professional. Once you reach out to us, we will coordinate with you for an appointment at the place you want to have our system installed. Our technicians will consult with you and give an estimate for how long it will take to install and how long you might expect for us to get out to your property.

However, our system typically takes less than a day to install. Of course, if you have a larger than average property, it could take more than a day, which is something that we will make sure to mention during your consultation if we expect our install to take more than a day.

We do our best here at Texan Mosquito Systems to ensure that we can get your mosquito misting installed as quickly as possible. We believe in protecting Texans from mosquitoes.

Why should you consider our system over competitors?

Compared to our competitors, our system is of the highest quality and the most affordable prices. There’s also a whole slew of mosquito repellents on the market that people think protect them, but studies have shown that most repellents like Off! have mixed success rates depending on the type of mosquito.

Often times you can also expect to get bitten while using a fogger. The particulates within a fogger settle low to the ground to choke out any mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes have developed to be extremely adaptable to changes in order to survive. Be sure your home has the best defense in place by asking about our Celina TX mosquito misting system.

Did you know that long before our mosquitoes walked upright that they were successfully sucking on the blood of dinosaurs?

Does it only kill mosquitoes?

Our mosquito misting system effectively kills a wide variety of flying insects that hinder your summer plans, including flies, horse flies, moths, June bugs, mosquito hawks, and more!

Celina TX mosquito misting system

Don’t let mosquitoes interrupt your summer adventure. Call Texan Mosquito Systems today!

Celina TX Mosquito Misting System

Are you aware that the Dallas/Fort Worth region and Greater Houston areas ares in the top 10 worst cities in terms of mosquito infestations and mosquito-related illnesses? It should come as no surprise considering that Texas’ humidity as well as our marshlands and creeks are a prime breeding ground for the little suckers. No pun intended.

Everyone’s coming out of the pandemic looking to have a fun summer experience that will make up for last year, so look to Texan Mosquito Systems to protect you from getting an even nastier virus than the one that just put us on lockdown. Call or visit Texan Mosquito today to install your Celina TX mosquito misting system!

Fun facts about Celina! Find more here!

  • The city got its name from a postmaster.
  • Wasn’t settled till 1876.
  • The fastest-growing city in Northwest Texas.
  • Didn’t have a mayor till 2007.