Which Mosquitoes To Watch Out For This Summer

It’s starting to get hot outside, and you know what that means; it’s mosquito season. Thinking about them might make your skin crawl, but we know that they are going to be out and about. So, if you’re thinking about them and how you can protect yourself and your family, then we are here to help.

The state of Texas is known to be home to various types of mosquito species. And if we want to break it down to the city of Houston and its surrounding cities and communities, it is home to about 50 different mosquito species. With that being said, it is vital to understand which species are dangerous and to know how you can protect your space.

Keeping in mind that not all mosquito breeds are harmful and they are all different in their own ways is the first way to differentiate them. Some mosquito species come out during the light and the heat, and others come out when the sun is down. Knowing the difference and which ones are important to protect yourself from is essential. So, let’s dive into some of the more common ones you should watch out for this summer.

Mosquito Breeds To Watch Out For This Summer

In the city of Houston and the surrounding cities, there are about 4 common mosquito breeds that you should look for. So, let’s take a look at each of them.

Common Malaria Mosquito

Which Mosquitoes To Watch Out For This Summer

This summer watch out for these types of mosquitoes. And call Texan Mosquito Systems to give your optimal protection.

You might know about the common malaria mosquito. This is a mosquito that has been around for years and as stated in the name can pass along malaria if bitten. In addition to this, they can also carry West Nile Virus. The adult mosquito for this species is large, dark, and has a certain posture. Look to see if the mosquito’s stomach is pointing up instead of lying flat and that’s how you can know.

Common House Mosquito

These mosquitos have the largest mosquito population in the United States. Additionally, they are also known as the “bridge” transmitter that is because they transmit infectious diseases from other species. This species of mosquito is medium in size with a brown body and brown wings.

Asian Tiger Mosquito

This is a species that was first found in the Houston area. They are also dangerous in the fact that they can also spread different diseases. Also, keep in mind that they don’t discriminate in terms of blood meals. They are known to suck on human blood and animal blood. So, this makes them a risk to pets as well as humans. These mosquitoes are small in size, dark in color with white stripes, and have banded legs.

Yellow Fever Mosquito

These mosquitos are known for carrying the Zika virus and yellow fever. And in their case, they prefer human blood to animal blood. So, it’s important to protect yourself a little extra from this breed. They seem to be more active in the daytime. Also, these are the mosquitos that lay their mosquito larva near standing water. They have a black body with white scales on its middle section and white bands on their legs.

Call Texan Mosquito Systems & Keep Those Pesky Mosquitoes Away

Know that you have more insight into the mosquitos that you should look out for; let’s move on to how you should protect yourself. As you know, many of these mosquitos transmit diseases, so you don’t want those around you for any reason. There are home remedies and tips that you can follow to ensure that you don’t see them as much or get bitten. Some of these tips and remedies include getting rid of standing water, wearing long sleeves to protect your skin, and using mosquito repellent.

These are all great tips and remedies, but you want something that will give you longer protection. This is where our services at Texan Mosquito Systems come in. The mosquito misting system is our best service. This is a system that can be installed around your home or commercial property and sprays our highly effective repelling solution to provide maximum protection. If this is a service that you know you want, contact us at Texan Mosquito Systems today.