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When you need The Woodlands TX mosquito yard treatment, then contact Texan Mosquito Systems today. Our team of technicians is professional, highly experienced, and professional. The misting systems we install for your home are effective in eliminating the presence of mosquitos, which the Greater Houston Area is plagued with.

The Woodlands TX Mosquito Yard Treatment

You should enjoy your backyard mosquito-free.

Terminix ranked Houston as the third most mosquito-infested city in the United States. The proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, constant heat, and frequent rain create the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. These pesky insects can easily swarm your backyard if it left untreated or if there is a water supply nearby.

Mosquitoes carry a variety of diseases with them. They are the cause of millions of diseases every year. Plus, mosquitos are annoying when you are trying to enjoy your time in your backyard. Even if they do not carry disease, the red, swollen lumps, they leave behind are enough to be annoying.

There are many ways you can keep mosquitos out of your backyard. Above all, a misting system will help you keep your backyard safe and clean of those pesky mosquitos. Before you start taking your own steps to prevent mosquitos in your backyard, you need to know about their life cycle.

The Life of a Mosquito

The average life of a mosquito varies on the species. The length of the following transitions is also dependent on the species and temperature. Water plays a vital role in the development of mosquitos. Three of the four stages of a mosquito are spent within the water. For that reason, it is important to know what the life of a mosquito looks like.


The first stage of a mosquito is an egg. An adult female will lay her eggs on the surface of water or in soil that will flood with water later. The process of laying eggs is dependent on the species of mosquito. A mosquito can lay up to 200 eggs at once. These eggs are either laid individually or like rafts all at once. Regardless, eggs typically hatch within 48 hours after being laid. If eggs do not hatch, they can survive through the winter and hatch next year.


The larva stage occurs when it hatches from an egg. The larva will swim through the water to feed. Microorganisms and organic matter are floating around the water, which is exactly what the larva feeds on. As they feed, the larva much swims to the top to gather oxygen. Other types of larvae can use tubes or attach to plants for oxygen. Regardless, oxygen is still necessary during this phase. Molting also occurs during this phase of the life cycle. Molting is the process of shedding an outer layer to make room for a new one. With each molt comes a larger larva. By the fourth molt, they enter the pupa stage.

The Woodlands TX Mosquito Yard Treatment

Mosquito bites appear as red, swollen lumps on your skin.


The pupal stage is for resting. However, the pupa can move. Often times, they respond to light and move toward safety when feeling threatened. While in the pupa stage, mosquitos go through a similar change as those of caterpillars. Caterpillars go through a metamorphosis when they become butterflies. This process is similar to what pupa do in mosquitos. When the development is over, the pupa splits, and an adult emerges.


Once the adult emerges, it rests on top of the pupa to dry off and finish hardening. Afterward, it will fly off. Feeding and breeding will not occur for another few days after complete development. Female adults are the only ones to feed on blood while males feed on flower nectar.

Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Mosquitos can carry a variety of diseases that affect millions every year. These diseases range in severity and may not be common in the United States, but there are still recorded cases every year. With that said, you can find a small sample list of diseases below:

  • West Nile Virus
  • Yellow Fever
  • Malaria
  • Dengue
  • Chikungunya

The last thing you want is your loved one to contact one of these diseases. You never know how you or a loved one will react to the disease. The last thing you want is something detrimental to occur. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this potential problem.

Remove Mosquitos From Your Backyard

buckets of water

Get rid of those buckets of water in your backyard.

One of the first steps you can take to reduce the presence of mosquitos in your backyard is to remove standing water. As you know, water is an essential part of the mosquito’s life cycle. So, remove the places in which they can reproduce. Remove junk such as buckets, barrels, and tires from your yard. These items can carry small portions of water, which is enough to give life to mosquitos.

Moreover, you should remove leaves and grim from gutters. If clogged, water can be left standing. Ensure these areas are clean, so mosquitos do not have a chance of reproduction. When it comes to birdbaths, pools, and ponds, there are alternative options. Treatment is the best alternative option. For pools, chlorine is enough to ward away mosquitos. You want to ensure your pool is properly chlorinated, and the filter is working properly.

For ponds, fountains, and birdbaths, use Mosquito Dunks. Mosquito Dunks are popular and effective products for eliminating pupa and larva in water. Dunks are made from organic bacteria that target these cycles of mosquitos. This product is not harmful to other animals, so fish and birds will be safe.

The Woodlands TX Mosquito Yard Treatment

There are ways of eliminating mosquitoes from your backyard, but the most effective way is a misting system. Mosquito control systems are the most effective ways of eliminating them from your yard. You can expect a cleaner, and friendly backyard after your mister is installed.

If you are interested in what Texan Mosquito Systems has to offer, then visit our services page. You can also call us at (713) 766-1090. Once your mister is installed, our technicians show you how to use it. Plus, they come back monthly to inspect the tanks. So, step needing The Woodlands TX mosquito yard treatment and start relaxing in your backyard.

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