The Importance Of Mosquito Repellant

When you have a mosquito infestation, it can be a drag to go outside for any length of time. Your property can be overrun with these nasty little vermin if you don’t act fast and get rid of them before reproducing.

Repellant is your only defense when it comes to protecting yourself and your family against mosquitoes. Mosquitoes aren’t just an annoyance when you and the family have a picnic outside, but they are dangerous to your health. They can leave bite marks on your skin, leave you with a rash, and even give you an infectious disease!

The Houston climate is the perfect breeding ground for a mosquito infestation. Our subtropic, humid climate is what these pesky creatures thrive on, and without the proper repellant, they are impossible to get rid of.

Our Misting Sprays Work Wonders!

The Importance Of Mosquito Repellant

Mosquitos carry infectious diseases like malaria and West Nile!

Spraying regular repellent on your skin may be a temporary fix for when you’re outside, but eventually, it wears off. However, when you use one of our professional misting sprays, it will keep these irritating bugs away for good. When we install our systems in your outdoor area, your mosquito infestation will seem like the distant past.

When you use our services, you save money in the long run. People can spend all kinds of money on lotions, sprays, misters, bug lights, and much more. However, these solutions are far inferior compared to a professional misting spray.

These systems target adult mosquitos when they’re resting. When the sun is high in the sky, these mosquitos hide in the shade and replicate. However, our experts will target these shady areas to root them out from your property when you use our services.

Installation By The Experts

The Importance Of Mosquito Repellant

A good mosquito repellant system helps the entire family!

1.) When you give our experts a call, they will come to your residence to inspect your outdoor area. We offer yard evaluations free of cost, so you’ll know precisely how you’ll be protected, and our experts will know exactly where to install the system. We’ll give you a free estimate after completing our thorough inspection.

2.) After the evaluation, you choose the time and day that works for you.

3.) Installing your system may take up to 10 hours. We don’t know exactly how long until we are on the job and can determine the severity of the infestation. Therefore, it is best to stay in contact with our team, and they will let you know if they have to come back the next day to finish.

4.) Once we’re done, we will teach you how to operate your new remote-controlled system. Finally, we will schedule monthly visits to ensure your misting system remains operational and refill the tank if necessary.

Take control of your mosquito situation today, and get in touch with us today! Remember until we come over and install your system to keep as much store-bought repellant on as you can muster. These insects can do real damage if they are carrying disease, and the last thing we want is you or your family sick. Houston’s mosquito solution is here, and we are standing by waiting for your call!