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If you want the best Celina, TX natural mosquito control with actual results, then call Texan Mosquito Systems. We have been installing superior mosquito systems since 2008, and our customers have had amazing results.

We provide a full-service mosquito control system complete with a free estimate, installation, regular maintenance, and repairs. Plus, if you are building a new home, we can seamlessly integrate your customized mosquito system within the structure of your home. Get the most out of your property and enjoy being outside again with Texan Mosquito Systems.

We can assure you that we have your best interest at heart. Our customer service is always friendly and professional. We even follow up with our customers to ensure they have no issues with their newly installed system. Give us a call when you need Celina, TX natural mosquito control.

Celina, TX mosquito control near me

Protect your children from mosquitos with a Celina, TX natural mosquito control company. Call Texan Mosquito Systems today!

Celina, TX Natural Mosquito Control

Texan Mosquito Systems have been proudly serving both Dallas and Houston for many years. We know what it means to want to enjoy your outdoor space, but can’t due to too many mosquitos. Mosquitos are more than just an itchy nuisance. They can carry diseases and pathogens that can be harmful to you, your family, and even your pets.

We want to help our fellow Texans live pest-free with our innovative spray system that is not only effective but cost-effective as well. We can provide you with a free quote, and we will not get to work until you approve the pricing. We can also make sure your system stays running with regular maintenance.

If we find anything that needs repairing, we will conveniently be there to replace it for you. You can choose how often we come out and maintain your system.

For instance, we can come out as often as once a month. Conversely, we can come out bi-monthly, once a year, or anytime in between. You get to choose whatever is best for you.

How a Spray System Works

If you’ve never had a spray system, you may be wondering how they work. When you call Texans Mosquito Systems, we will have one of our professionally trained technicians come out and install the system for you.

These systems are often automatic. Therefore, you will not have to be responsible for spraying your yard. These systems are typically on a timer. You can choose the frequency in which the system sprays.

Our system can match your outdoor décor, so you do not have ugly tubing and other equipment sticking out and clashing with your beautiful décor.

There is no major digging or uprooting of your landscape. Plus, our insecticide is not harmful to plants or animals such as fish. This spray simply keeps mosquitos from coming around your yard.

The only thing you may be required to do is refill the reservoir with the repellant. However, we can always do that for you during our frequent maintenance inspections.

Celina, TX mosquito control near me

Mosquitos have been the main source of spreading disease and other harmful pathogens. Let us help protect you with our state-of-the-art spray systems.

Importance of Pest Control

We’ve mentioned previously that mosquitos can carry harmful diseases and pathogens that can harm your family and your pets. But what are these diseases exactly?

One example of these diseases that mosquitos carry is chikungunya. This disease can cause joint pain and fever. The chance of death from this disease is one in one thousand.

Another disease one can suffer from is the West Nile Virus. While not everyone suffers symptoms from this virus, about one in every five people suffer from this disease.

Those who do suffer from this virus can experience headaches, body aches, joint pain, vomiting, and other unpleasant symptoms. Other more serious symptoms can include a severe illness that can cause issues with the central nervous system. However, one in every 150 people may suffer from these symptoms. So far, there is no known medication or vaccine to protect from the West Nile Virus.

While not everyone is affected by viruses from mosquitos, it does not make them any more pleasant to be around. Just the annoying biting and itching can be enough for anyone to not want to spend time outside on a nice summer evening simply due to swarms of mosquitos flying around.

Humans are not the only ones that can suffer from diseases. Our beloved pets can suffer quite a bit from mosquitos and the issues they can bring. For instance, animals have a tendency to contract heartworms.

Heartworms are a parasitic disease that can affect the lungs, heart, and organs in your pet. If not treated on time and properly, this can result in death. Dogs, cats, and ferrets are typically the ones that can suffer from heartworms.

A parasite, known as Dirofilaria immitis, gets transmitted from the mosquito onto your pet, and the parasite ends up loving, mating, and feeding inside the pet. They get the name heartworm simply because the parasite lives inside the heart, lungs, and blood vessels.

When you invest in a quality mosquito control system, you can lessen the chances of your family and pets getting sick significantly. You can enjoy the outdoors the way you deserve to in your own home without the worry or annoyance of mosquitos. Plus, our spray is completely safe around your pets and children.

Texans Mosquito Systems is Here For You

Here at Texans Mosquito System, we want to provide all our customers with the best pest control system in the Dallas and Houston areas. We are the largest mosquito company in the area, and we are proud to help you take back your property. In Texas, we are all about enjoying the outdoors, cooking good barbeque, and spending quality time with good friends and family.

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your next outing. Give us a call today, and we can quickly get you your custom mosquito system up and running on your property.

No more wasting the summer evenings indoors waiting for mosquito season to end. Start enjoying your time outside with the help of our superior mosquito systems. You won’t regret you made the call. Call Texans Mosquito System when you need Celina, TX natural mosquito control.

Celina, TX mosquito control near me

When you contact us, we can offer you a free estimate with no obligation.

Fun Facts for Celina, TX

  • The town was established in 1876.
  • It got its name from Celian, Tennessee, by John T. Milkey.
  • The railroad became part of the town in 1902.