Summer Time and Mosquitos-Protect your home

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It is summertime, and the mosquitos are out to play. You don’t want your home to be a place that mosquitos hang out. Protect your home this summer. It happens to be that mosquitos thrive in the heat, and the summertime in Houston brings them all out.

Mosquitos are cold-blooded, and that means their temperature matches the temperature of the environment they are in. So they like hot or warm climates and summer is when we start to see them around a little more. But they also don’t like it when it is too hot. This can cause them to be injured. So, they tend to look for places that are cooler than the outside temperature.

The inside of your home might be the perfect temperature for them to be in. So they tend to find their way into homes. This can be a nuisance for homeowners who don’t want them in them there.

This summer, how can you make sure that they are not a nuisance for you. At Texan Mosquito System, we have tips and services that will prevent these mosquitos from entering your home or being around your outside environment.

How to Protect your home

There are different ways that you can keep mosquitos away this summer. A common one that neighborhoods and communities usually do is a mist. If you have ever heard a truck passing by your neighborhood sounding like it is spraying something into the air, that is the misting system. The sprayed solution is to keep these pests away and exterminate them if they come to the area.

If you need this to be done in your neighborhood, talk to your HOA and then give us a call. We will be happy to provide you the misting service.

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We also offer the service of installing sprays and nozzles around your home. These nozzles cover the perimeter of your home and are customized to keep the exterior aesthetic of your home still looking nice. So you will not have to worry about them disfiguring your home. This system allows for the mosquitos to not come and intrude in our outdoor space. Since they will not intrude on your outdoor space, they can’t go into your home.

If you would like this system installed in your home, give us a call. One of our technicians will stop by your home and look around. Then they will let you know the steps of installation give you the quote for your installation.

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