Stay Vigilant During the Fall Season

Stay Vigilant During the Fall Season

Your backyard may feel nicer in this weather, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe to let your guard down just yet!

As the Texas heat finally begins to dissipate, residents of the Lone Star State can finally appreciate the arrival of the fall season. The cool breezes sweeping through our backyards make this feel like the perfect time to enjoy nature with our families again. Even as the days grow shorter, you may find yourself staying outdoors later and later, taking advantage of the beautifully mild weather.

Soon enough, leaves will flutter down in droves and be ready for scooping into large piles. As you dutifully rake the yard and let your family enjoy a few jumps into leaf piles, you may feel a sense of security and peace. The temperature is dropping, which means that not only is it more comfortable to host gatherings outside, but the resident flying pests that plague our state have either died or scurried away to find warm shelter… right?

Not Out of the Woods Yet for Bug Season

Unfortunately, the arrival of fall doesn’t quite herald the exit of mosquitos just yet. Early fall weather temperatures in Texas normally reside in the low 70s and high 60s. This may feel cool and refreshing for us, which makes it all the more tempting to spend more time outdoors, but it’s still too high for mosquitos to either die or hibernate.

That’s right – they’re still lurking around in their usual spots, such as bird baths and other areas of stagnant water. Just as they do during the summer, female mosquitos will lay their eggs in wet areas and continue propagating. Mosquitos can survive temperatures as low as 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and since our fall weather usually stays in the 60-degree range, they’re not going anywhere.

Stay Vigilant During the Fall Season

Keep your family bug-free with simple precautions.

How to Stay Safe During the Fall

Most folks aren’t thinking about the threat of mosquitos when they take their families to the pumpkin patch. As your children enjoy an evening hayride around town, you probably won’t stop to consider that bugs could be buzzing around their heads the entire time. So how can we truly enjoy the fall season when these tiny terrors still lurk around every corner?

You can take a few simple precautions to ensure your entire family is better protected from mosquitos this season. While we wait for frigid temperatures, continue to follow these preventative tips:

  • Dress in light colors, with long sleeves and long pants. Clothing with a tighter weave in the fabric makes it harder for mosquitos to penetrate through the material.
  • It’s time to switch to closed shoes, so retire your flip-flops and sandals for the season to keep your toes warm and free of bites.
  • If you can avoid it, try not to move or sweat too much while outdoors. Mosquitos are naturally attracted to your sweat, so if you must be mobile while outdoors, invest in some insect repellant.

Above all, the best way to counter outdoor mosquitos, regardless of the season, is to invest in a mosquito misting system. You can enjoy peace of mind outside in any weather when you hire our expert technicians to install one of our misting systems in your backyard. Until the bugs abate for protection from colder temperatures, take back your outdoor spaces with the help of our comprehensive anti-mosquito technology. Call us today to protect your pumpkin patch from puny pests!