Precautions to Take Against Mosquitos Before the Heat Sets In

As much as summertime is synonymous with rest and relaxation, enjoying the outdoors, and vacation, there will always be downsides. And here in Texas, the downside is mosquitos. Luckily, that’s exactly what Texan Mosquito Systems can help you with. With our state-of-the-art misting systems, we can help you prevent mosquitos from ruining any time you decide to spend outdoors this summer.

Precautions to Take Against Mosquitos Before the Heat Sets In

Keep you and your family safe from mosquitos with our preventative measures.

Ways to Keep Mosquitos Out

As summer comes, it is important to protect yourself from mosquitoes. People know that these small but dangerous animals can spread diseases like dengue, malaria, and the Zika virus. That’s why you should take these safety steps to lower the chance of getting mosquitoes in and around your house and neighborhood.

First, get rid of any leftover or stagnant water that mosquitoes could use to lay their eggs. This includes planters, bird baths, tarps, clogged pipes, and outdoor water bowls for pets. Regularly emptying these will keep water from building up and providing nesting spots for mosquitos.

Second, think about adding plants to your yard that keep mosquitoes away. Citronella, basil, lemon balm, and marigolds are all plants that are known to keep mosquitoes away. Not only do they make your home look nicer, but they also naturally keep mosquitoes away.

Taking good care of the plants in your garden can also make a big difference. Mosquitoes like it best when it’s cool and damp outside. Cut back trees, bushes, and grass that are getting too big to make these hiding places smaller. Also, don’t forget to mow your yard and get rid of any weeds that grow too tall.

A popular and effective way to lower mosquito risks is to use mosquito repellents. Before going outside, put on EPA-approved insect repellent on any skin and clothes that will be exposed. This is especially important at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active.

Precautions to Take Against Mosquitos Before the Heat Sets In

Rely on Texan Mosquito Systems to install an effective solution to your mosquito problem.

Lastly, you can install a mosquito misting system to kill any adult mosquitos that intrude on your property at certain intervals of the day. Texan Mosquito Systems can provide you with installation services to keep your outdoor space safer while you’re outside. Call our team today to schedule a free quote or install a system before the summer hits.

By taking these steps before summer, you can greatly lower your mosquito exposure, which will protect your health and make the season more enjoyable for you. Our services are available in the Houston and Dallas areas, so don’t hesitate to make your area mosquito-less again.