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Houston TX mosquito treatment

You and your family can finally have that backyard barbecue without obnoxious mosquitoes.

If you would like to know Houston Texas mosquito misting system cost, we want to help you to understand how much you will be saving by buying a more permanent solution.

Mosquitoes are known as the most deadly creature to humans in the world. They kill up to one million people annually. This is because their bites bring fatal illnesses. So it is imperative that you and your family prevent mosquito bites as much as possible.

However, some methods of prevention are more effective than others. There are many natural remedies that are safer than DEET but aren’t as effective. There’s also extermination and pest control services that can become expensive really fast.

Although the starting price is high, having an automated misting service keeps money in your pocket. It also saves you from having to choose between spraying yourself with potentially harmful chemicals. You get to have both a practical solution and fresh air.

With an automated, remote control system, you will never have to worry about mosquito control again. But how much does it cost? Are the other mosquito treatments more affordable? Let’s take a look.

Houston Texas mosquito misting system cost

Finding Houston Texas mosquito misting system cost is the first step to a mosquito-free future.

Bug Repellent

After the rise of the Zika Virus, people have been spending about $62 million on insect repellent annually. It also doesn’t help that the prices have been going up either. The average price of bug spray is about $12.66, which is up 23 percent from previous years.

Another downside to insect repellents is that you often get two options. One: it is useful but asphyxiating and can cause medical complications years later. Or two: buy a natural product and risk the chance of being vulnerable to mosquito-borne diseases.

These options aren’t really worth the millions we spend on these products. We deserve to have something affordable, practical, and safe. However, we aren’t going to find it with a spray-on bug repellent.

Extermination Services

It can be handy to have someone come to your house and spray. However, the price range for one visit can be rather costly. Mosquito control services can cost about $350 to $1,900 per season. This depends on property type and treatment frequency.

You can receive a 10 percent to 20 percent discount for recurring treatments. Professionals offer treatments on a 3-week cycle that can range from $70- 100 per visit.

The more frequently you are in need of service, the more it will cost. For a professional to come out to your property, the cost entails a lot of factors. these factors include:

  • Gasoline and wear and tear on the car
  • Equipment maintenance
  • The professional’s time and experience
  • The chemicals
  • Taxes

With all of this to cover, it is no wonder the service is so expensive. For the company to stay in business, their prices have to be high.

These services also aren’t a permanent solution. It’s $100 out of your pocket every time you need someone to come out a spray your property. And next year will be exactly the same thing. Every month, week, however often you need it means $100 gone.

That can equal hundreds of dollars each season. That money could be used for a vacation or a child’s tuition. There are many other uses that money could go to, but instead, it’s wrapped up in extermination fees.

DIY Extermination

Should this option be less expensive, right? In 2012 the U.S. spent nearly $14 billion on pesticides.

Spraying your yard yourself not only costs a lot of money, but it is labor-intensive too. It can take an entire Saturday or Sunday to cover a whole yard. If you have an acre or more of land, then covering that entire lot will seem impossible.

Often when people spray their yards, they end up getting the chemicals on their clothes. Then they take it indoors and track it through the house.

Instead, you can have your time and money back. Spend your free time with family and friends. Make memories rather than worrying about pesky bugs.

Houston Texas natural mosquito control

Take advantage of our services today, and enjoy the outdoors like you are supposed to

Automated Misting System

Buying a quality mosquito misting system can be spendy at first. On average, it can cost $2,500 for an outdoor misting system. Professional installation can end up being about $200 to $700, depending on the size of the property.

The cost will also depend on if you want a tankless system or a drum-based system. Here at Texan Mosquito Systems, we offer a drum-based system because it is the more affordable option and requires fewer refills.

Insecticides for these systems can cost anywhere from $0.50 to $1 per ounce. This leaves you with less to worry about and more money in your pocket.

But it’s more expensive, how can it leave me with more money? Because this is a more permanent solution. It will require less maintenance and offers an equally as effective solution as hiring an exterminator.

As the years go by, you won’t have to think about mosquito prevention. Your misting system will pay you dividends on time and money spent on keeping bugs out of your yard.

Our Services

Here at Texan Mosquito Systems, we offer more than just the system. We’ll install the system and then provide maintenance and repairs as needed.

You can schedule with us bi-monthly, monthly, or as you need it services. We will check your tank levels and keep your system working correctly.

Our service offers effective prevention that will keep you from choosing between effectiveness or health. With us, you can have both.

We serve both homes and businesses. So, don’t wait to make the switch.

Houston Texas mosquito misting system cost

Your new system will cost less in the coming years than anything else you could use. It will also be more effective in keeping you and your family safe from mosquitoes.

If you would like a free estimate, give us a call at (713) 344-1984. Or check out our FAQ and services. Let Texan Mosquito Systems be your mosquito control system. We offer systems at a significant cost. Your Houston Texas mosquito misting system cost search is over.

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