How Scents Affect Mosquitoes

If you want to learn how to repel mosquitoes, you have to know how scents affect mosquitoes. Are you one of those people that always seem to attract mosquitoes? Well, your scent could very well be the cause of this problem.

This can be because of your breath, not necessarily from the harsh smell, but more so because of the carbon dioxide, you exhale. You might also have Type O blood, which mosquitoes especially like. So, if you’ve been told you are “sweet-blooded” from all the mosquito attacks, then it might be true.

Furthermore, the fragrances from your perfume or cologne and even sweat attract those pesky flies. So, if you are a sweater or frequent the gym a lot, watch your back. If any of this rings a bell as to why mosquitoes seem to attack you more than anyone, then you’ve experienced mosquitoes being affected by scents firsthand.

However, you don’t have to suffer any longer. You can protect your home and your body from mosquitoes with the knowledge of scents that can repel them. Yes, you heard that right; there are scents that can also repel mosquitoes. Learn of them all below.

How Scents Affect Mosquitoes

Female mosquitoes’ sense of smell is why you seem to be a magnet. You can protect yourself, however, with the Houston, TX, Texan Mosquito Systems pest control services.

How Scents Affect Mosquitoes

There are many ways you can repel mosquitoes with scents. This can be with plants, candles, or even chocolate; yes, even chocolate. Chocolate disguises the carbon dioxide from your breath and confuses mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes hunt by odor; however, with the right scents, you will have no mosquito problems. These scents include rosemary, peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, cedarwood, and much more. Let’s go over how some of these can be used.

You can use rosemary and eucalyptus around your yard or in lotions to repel mosquitoes. Peppermint is dreadful to a mosquito’s senses, so you should try rubbing this oil on your skin to avoid them. Another oil you can use is lavender, which people frequently use.

However, if you want to eliminate mosquitoes altogether, use Texan Mosquito Systems for our misting services. We will install our misting system around your yard so you can finally go back outside again. Give our team a call for more information.