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Have a mosquito problem but not sure which Houston TX mosquito control companies are the most reliable? Check out Texan Mosquito Systems today. You won’t find a service more dedicated to protecting you and your family from the dangers of mosquitos. Visit our website today if you’d like more information about our services and schedule an appointment now to get one step closer to living in a mosquito-free environment.

Houston TX mosquito control companies

Mosquitos carry dangerous diseases that could put your loved ones at risk. Trust a professional service to keep your garden mosquito-free.

Repelling Mosquitos: How effective are natural solutions?

Many people look for natural solutions when dealing with a mosquito problem due to the synthetic solutions of most repellents. Natural solutions, although safer for the environment, are not always as reliable. However, that doesn’t mean all of them are ineffective. With the right methods, you could keep a handle on the mosquito population around your home. But with the help of a misting system, you could keep those mosquitos away long-term and create lasting memories in your yard with friends and family.

So which natural solutions can you benefit from, and which are a waste of your time?

Killing mosquito larvae with house plants

Mosquitos have the potential of getting indoors and infected your home. You can use plants and oils to prevent them from coming indoors, so this never becomes an issue. There are several plants capable of both repelling and killing mosquitos. Basil, lavender, eucalyptus, and thyme are all effective in keeping mosquitos away.

All of these plants are utilized in different methods and have different amounts of reliability; however, there’s no denying that they work short term. Burning thyme leaves can keep you protected for up to 90 minutes, whereas eucalyptus, in essential oil form, can keep you covered for up to 4 hours. These solutions may not be manageable long term. However, they can be extremely beneficial every once in a while when you’re spending an afternoon in your yard.

Houseplants will never be 100% effective, but they can still make an impact. With that being said, they’ll only prove useful if you strategically place them near open doors and windows. Studies show that basil in its natural form proves almost 50% effective, whereas, in essential oil form, it proved 100% effective for over 6 hours. With this in mind, essential oils are probably the best bet short of a professional mosquito control system.

Mosquito control companies in Houston

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DIY mosquito solutions and bug sprays

Bug sprays containing DEET are the most effective solutions, but regardless of which brand you use, the reality is, they wear off after 1 or 2 hours. Meaning you need to continually top up on spray to keep yourself protected throughout the day. Many DIY solutions consist of diluting essential oils in water and spraying on your pulse points.

Witch hazel, citronella, lemongrass, and more have all proved useful. However, as the solution is made up of essential oils, you need to be careful not to spray your face or eyes. Bug sprays may be necessary when you’re on a day trip or a camping vacation, but when you’re in your backyard, you shouldn’t have to rely on these semi-effective solutions.

Get in touch with Texan Mosquito Systems today to see how our professional misting system can keep you protected all day, every day. We’re the one solution that you can rely on 24 hours, seven days a week. No longer will you have to keep replacing dead plants or burning candles with repellent properties. Choosing Texan Mosquito Systems is choosing complete protection from the dangers mosquitos pose.

How to prevent mosquitos from laying eggs in stagnant water

You may or may not know that mosquitos frequently lay their eggs in standing water. Swimming pools are in no danger of becoming a breeding ground for mosquito larvae as the water is treated. However, water fountains and birdbaths are susceptible to being inhabited by mosquito eggs. Once again, you could turn to essential oils and dilute a few drops in the water, but there’s no telling how effecting or lasting that solution would remain.

Marigolds are an extremely effective plant for killing mosquito larvae. Not only will planting these in your yard brighten up the place, but they’ll add some level of protection against mosquitos. Living on or near a water source such as a river, pond, or lake will mean you’re likely to encounter a higher mosquito population than most. Due to the size of the body of water, planting marigolds is not a viable option.

Let the number one Houston mosquito control company help you. Texan Mosquito Systems can install nozzles and sprayers around your property to repel mosquitos and keep them away. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to do anything about the mosquito population plaguing the lakes or rivers, but we can protect your home and yard.

Houston Texas mosquito control services

Don’t let mosquitos ruin your summer plans. Let Texan Mosquito Systems help protect your family.

Choose the services of Texan Mosquito Systems.

Our misting system is entirely flexible so we can cater to the needs of each customer. No matter the size or layout of your home and yard, we can guarantee maximum protection. Unlike bug zappers, the sprayers for our system are compact and sleek to not disturb the aesthetic of your yard. Our top priority is keeping our customers protected from the dangers of mosquitos. That is why our team of experts will work with you to determine the best placements for our system. With us on your side, you’ll never have to think twice about stepping outdoors and enjoy nature.

For quality control, we schedule monthly visits to perform any maintenance your system requires, and to top up the solution. You won’t find more trustworthy Houston TX mosquito control companies. Ready to book an appointment to install your brand new system? Contact us today, and we’ll offer a free evaluation of your yard.

We’re like no other Houston TX mosquito control companies.

If you’re looking for efficient and professional installation services, you need to contact Texan Mosquito Systems. You won’t find a service more committed to keeping your property mosquito-free. Call us today at (713)-344-1984 and check out our locations and services to discover why there are no Houston TX mosquito control companies better than us.

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