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If you’re looking for Houston TX organic mosquito control, you’ve come to the right place. Texan Mosquito Systems assists with environmentally friendly pest control services. Houston mosquito control is our specialty. Your property is something private you feel like no one can take away from you. Then, why let mosquitoes do it? Mosquitoes typically occur the most during the end of spring and peak by the end of summer. We deliver organic pest control to deter mosquitoes from getting on your property. After all, they carry nasty diseases that can be detrimental to your health.

Green pest control is not about eliminating the use of chemicals. However, it focuses on controlling the pest population through preventative means. The careful applications of safe pesticides from our misting systems will allow you to enjoy the outdoors in relative peace. We service the Houston area. Places such as Pasadena, Montgomery, Jersey Village, Katy, Kingwood, and many others can rest easy, knowing we have the mosquito population under control. Our misting system contains nozzles and sprays that deter mosquitoes from getting on your property. Green pest control applications are also becoming more popular.

Our system is safe for young children to be around or people who have compromised immune systems. The word “green” can mean a variety of things. When it comes to pest control, a green approach doesn’t mean that the process avoids chemicals or isn’t harmful. Believe it or not, pesticides are often seen as appropriate. Therefore, not all substances are considered bad for animals and humans. Plus, although chemicals are used, it doesn’t mean the process isn’t “green.” Departments who use green pest control focus on less harmful chemicals and are careful about how much of any one product to put down.

What Our Misting System Can Do For You

Houston Texas natural mosquito control

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For an example of how chemical agents can be harmful to specific organisms and not others, let’s delve into pest management a little. Exterminators use what’s called an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). IGRs don’t hurt humans or animals. However, they harm insects. That’s right! This chemical agent is used for termite control, bed bugs, and even mosquitoes. As you can probably surmise, our system targets explicitly mosquitoes. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing we have safe and efficient misting systems in place to help you with your mosquito issue.

Mosquito Control

Houston TX organic mosquito control implements both residential and commercial mosquito misting systems. If you own a business, you’ll need the system to make sure the outside of your building looks presentable. Like birds, mosquitoes can also assemble at the front and back door entrance. There are many reasons why people may stand near the entrances. You may have a bus stop at the front of your building, you may be conducting a work event, or people may like having lunch at a particular spot. In any case, it is possible for people to lounge outside of your doors.

If you have mosquitoes at the entrance, it’ll be challenging to conduct an outside meeting, have an outdoor lunch, and generally unpleasant for coworkers and customers. Eventually, the more mosquitoes congregate, the more likely people will get tired of dealing with the situation. You may even lose business. Not to mention, it will disturb the aesthetic appearance of your commercial property. Health hazards are also issues as mosquitoes carry pathogens. With all these factors in mind, installing a misting system will benefit you. You won’t risk the chance of anyone catching disease. Plus, clients and coworkers can lounge comfortably outside again without worry.

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Fortunately, we not only deal with commercial services. We also handle residential requests. Nothing is more important than family. Therefore, we make it a point to send our team of technicians to tailor-fit your new misting system to your home. After all, safety is essential. Preventing bites from potentially harmful mosquitoes is crucial. It’ll prevent your chance from being exposed to a blood-borne pathogen. As we all know, symptoms are challenging to handle at times. Texan Mosquito Systems takes your welfare into account. You never know what mosquito is carrying something dangerous.

For example, malaria is one of the common diseases a mosquito can carry. It is a remittent fever caused by a protozoan parasite, which invades the red blood cells. Mosquitoes transmit this sneaky parasite in many tropical and subtropical areas. If you, unfortunately, catch malaria, you may suffer through a variety of symptoms. These symptoms include shaking, high fever, sweating, vomiting, bloody stools, convulsions, and even a coma. A simple bite from a tiny insect can cause a multitude of things to go wrong with your body. Therefore, why risk a bite?

Misting Systems

If you install our misting systems, we can help your household become mosquito-free. Some people might not know, but female mosquitoes are the ones who feed on blood. Male mosquitoes don’t require such sustenance to survive. However, the female mosquitoes feed on animal and human blood to produce eggs. Therefore, if you let these female blood-suckers linger on your property, they’ll only create more of an issue. Installing a misting system can save you time and money you would have spent trying to exterminate the infestation. Before the outbreak occurs, call Texan Mosquito System for help. We’re the best Houston TX organic mosquito control company in town.

Prevent the Spread of Mosquitoes Before It Starts

Houston TX outdoor mosquito control

Houston TX outdoor mosquito control

In addition to installing a new misting system, you can also take preventative measures yourself. For instance, if you dump anything outside containing still water, female mosquitoes will less likely congregate. They like to produce viable eggs around such locations. Dumping the water out will discourage this behavior. Also, wearing pants on long-sleeve clothing help as well. Many people also use insect repellent. Though it helps, you’ll receive the maximum benefit by applying any repellent with DEET in it. This chemical agent will deter mosquitoes from nipping at your skin. Call us at (713) 344-1984 for more information. You’ll see why people are reaching out to us for Houston TX organic mosquito control.

Houston TX Fun Facts

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