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When you look for the best Houston TX mosquito yard treatment, make sure your first choice is the right choice. At Texan Mosquito Systems, we provide the most reliable Houston mosquito control services for you and your family. We focus our efforts on getting rid of mosquitos so that you can enjoy the outdoors without fear of getting bit. So no matter what misting system you need, make sure you get it from the right source.

Mosquitos may seem small, but they can pack quite a bit of disease and pathogens in their little bites. These tiny insects are prime carriers for diseases and illnesses that can have severe consequences for the infected. To avoid infection, you must get a misting system that gets the job done. Mosquitos will show up for a plethora of reasons. From trash to standing water, these little critters like to linger and latch onto living beings such as you and your family.

Our team performs installations, maintenance, and repairs on mosquito misting systems. With our support, you can take full advantage of your home’s outdoor areas. Our offices are available every day for varying hours for your convenience. So give us a call today and find out how we give you the best Houston TX mosquito yard treatment.

Houston TX Mosquito Yard Treatment

Houston TX Mosquito Yard Treatment

The Most Reliable Houston TX Mosquito Yard Treatment

Texan Mosquito Systems offers the best yard care in the business. Our mission is to ensure that all of our clients have front and backyards that are safe for use. Mosquitos can ruin any outdoor activity or event. If you plan a barbeque or pool party and your yard is swarming with mosquitos, the whole thing blows up. With our misting systems, you can be sure that your party will be the best it can be.

When it comes to installation, we take all of the necessary precautions when we service your yard. Our products are safe for your family and exterminate mosquitos. As a yard care company, we know how significant it is to have a healthy outdoor space that is secure. Being bug-free is essential to enjoy everything your backyard has to offer. All it takes is a little misting, and you’re ready to relish the outside environment.

We provide everything you need from installation to maintenance and repair. Mosquitos like to hang out in many open areas around your home. These areas include pet dishes, old tires, fishponds, drainage ditches, and other spots. Regardless of what service you need, Texan Mosquito Systems is here to help.

Mosquito Control Services You Have to Try

When it comes to keeping your home’s mosquito’s population in check, you need the right people on the job. Our team of professionals relies on the most effective method for removing these pests from your home or business. With our help, you can be rid of these mosquitos and maximize your outdoor environment.

Houston TX Mosquito Yard Treatment

Texan Mosquito Systems optimizes your outdoor experience with our misting systems


Our installations are devoted to improving the quality-of-life of your yard. We install a series of nozzles and sprays around your yard that will routinely eliminate mosquitos. We can also customize your install, which means that you get a spray system that works with your design and yard. Your outdoor property requires the most excellent care to be the best it can be for you and your guests.

When you contact us for your installation, we go over all of your options and how we provide them. Our installation steps are simple and straightforward. First, we perform a free yard evaluation to determine what work needs to be done. After that, we schedule the best time for our crew to come by and install our misting system. We’ll be upfront about the costs and how much the entire process will be for you. Once the price is agreed on, our technicians get to work putting in all of the sprays and nozzles.

We’ll utilize a tank or tankless system depending on your property. Once everything is installed, our technicians explain how to operate the system and everything you need to know. We also program the system to work as you wish for it. For example, we can set the system to come on automatically or manually. Either way, we offer scheduled monthly visits for maintenance, so you know your system is in tip-top shape.


Texan Mosquito Systems to maintain and protect your yard from those pesky little critters. If you already have an existing system, we can service it and determine if it has any issues. If the older system requires some tune-up, then you can count on us. One common thing that happens with unkempt equipment is a buildup of a variety of situations.

For example, our maintenance checks if you have any hot, stagnant drum. If the drum requires any service, such as a refill or unclogging, we’ll provide what you need as soon as possible. A stagnant drum will cause a buildup of bacteria, which includes insecticide and clog your filter. If the filter is clogged, then the mix in the sprays and nozzles are not as effective as they need to. With monthly maintenance, you can avoid things like clogs and bacteria from building up.


Your residential and commercial properties deserve the best Houston has to offer in terms of mosquito systems. After we diagnose your misting system, we do whatever we need to repair any aspect that requires it. From fixing the nozzles to clearing out any bacteria buildup, we’ll do whatever is necessary for your system. During your monthly or bi-monthly maintenance check, make sure to mention anything you think may be wrong so we can check it.

Houston TX Mosquito Yard Treatment

Make the right call today, with Texan Mosquito Systems

For your mosquito control system to do its job, you need a regularly scheduled checks so we can determine what needs improving. With our repairs, you’ll keep mosquitos from spreading pathogens and diseases to you or your family.

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Texan Mosquito Systems dedicates its time and effort to giving you the most exceptional mosquito control system in the Houston area. Call (713) 344-1984 or find us online for more information. Contact us and find out how we provide the best Houston TX mosquito yard treatment for you.

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