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Houston TX mistaway systems will prevent mosquitoes from entering your property. When you are having a work event or barbeque in your backyard outside, the last thing you want is interference from mosquitoes. However, without a mosquito misting system, they will persist. Luckily, Texan Mosquito Systems can professionally install your control system for you. Plus, we service your purchase by keeping monthly schedules of its maintenance. We can also revolve our plans around what’s most convenient for you. With that kind of service, you’ll be able to stay in control of your mosquito problem for time to come.

Mosquitoes are dangerous due to the pathogens they carry. These blood-borne pathogens can quickly enter your bloodstream as female mosquitoes tend to mix their saliva in with their bite. This shared contact is dangerous since they transmit the code for viruses inside humans and animals. You can unknowingly contract a severe disease without knowing it. Therefore, being cautious of mosquito activity is a must. We also want our mosquito control systems to provide safety and comfort to your home. If we succeed in this endeavor for you, then we’ve done our job.

Texan Mosquito System

Make your backyard mosquito-free again.

We won’t let mosquitoes stop you from enjoying the outdoors, and neither should you. Sharing memories outside with your family is a must. Therefore, we ensure you will enjoy a comfortable evening outside with your loved ones. After all, you’ve worked hard to enjoy every aspect of your home. Don’t let the opportunity of owning a mosquito-free home slip from your fingers.

Moreover, we offer mosquito systems for new construction. The new construction pertains to houses in the process of being built. While you wait for your new dream home to emerge, we can work with the technician and construction crew to install your new system.

Houston TX Mistaway Systems at Your Service

By integrating our mist systems as soon as possible into your home, you ensure that you and your family remain safe from mosquitoes. After all, mosquitoes can be potentially harmful. Where your health is concerned, mosquitoes are a dangerous nuisance. Therefore, acquiring our different services, such as installing a new system into your home, is ideal. You’d be safe from mosquito bites as well as enjoy the opportunity of enjoying yourself outdoors without pests in the way.

That’s right! We install it, check it, and repair it. By installing nozzles and sprays around your designated area, we prevent mosquitoes from harming you. The spray is potent for mosquitoes and deters them from disrupting your lovely home. First, we implement a free yard evaluation. Then, after our representative calls, we discuss the best time for our technicians to stop by. Once we tell you the cost of labor and how much each part will be, it is your decision from there. If approved, our team of technicians will get to work! Once completed, we continue to aid you by scheduling monthly visits.

We’re not the type of company to leave you to do things on your own when you need our help. As you can see, we continue to support you by providing additional services such as maintenance and repair, to make sure your purchase is always performing at optimal conditions. Without maintenance, several things can go wrong with your system. There may be clogged sprays and nozzles, or there may be an area where the spray isn’t efficiently doing its job. This scenario can cause mosquitoes to have an entry on your property. Imagine your misting system as a defense. If there’s a crack in the defense, mosquitoes will take advantage.

Houston TX Mistaway Systems Common Questions

Houston TX Mosquito Yard Treatment

Houston TX Mosquito Yard Treatment

However, we know our customers still have questions. We don’t mind answering them. Unlike other mosquito prevention companies, our transparency is how we connect to people. Therefore, we want our customers to know precisely what they’re getting when doing business with us. Hence, one of the commonly asked questions we have is, “How effective are mosquito misting systems?” According to research by entomologists at Florida A&M University, the misting systems are highly effective. During the first weeks of study, the reduction for treated yards with misting systems to untreated yards was drastic.

The difference ranged from 71% to 98%. You can trust that this method is effective on mosquitoes. Another question you may have is, “How do mosquitoes acquire the virus?” Unfortunately, mosquitoes can become infected when feeding on animals such as birds. Predatory birds contract the virus from eating sick or dead birds already infected with West Nile Virus. It can be uncomfortable for some to think about, but we are prone to the same disease when female mosquitoes mix their bite with our blood. Approximately one in five people who are infected develop a fever or other symptoms.

About one of every one-hundred-fifty people experience fatal illness. Though it may seem like a small number to some, when you pit that ratio against the billions of people on earth, one out of every one-hundred fifty is one too many. Texan Mosquito Systems is dedicated to making your home mosquito-free with our mist system. We want our customers to feel safe outdoors again. Therefore, we do everything in our power to make sure they stay that way. With our professional services, it’s hard not to feel safe. Plus, we do maintenance and repair for you, so you don’t need to worry about it.

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If you’d like to see what we’re all about in person, we have two locations. Our south address location is at 3223 Summerland Drive,  Manvel, Texas 77578. Also, our north address location can be found at 7915B Wood Duck Park, Humble, Texas 77396. Any of our professional representatives are ready to talk to you about your new misting system. You can also contact us at (713) 344-1984. Allow our misting systems to assist you with your mosquito issues. After all, Texan Mosquito Systems wants to keep you and your loved ones safe from blood-borne pathogens. Our Houston TX mistaway systems will allow you to enjoy the outdoors again without any pesky interference.

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