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Are you looking for an Arlington TX mosquito spray system that will work in your backyard or business? Have you ever wanted to spend some quality time outside, but stepping past the threshold meant multiple bug bites within a matter of minutes? Mosquitoes can easily become the bane of your outdoor experience. Every summer, these nuisances come invading, making spending time outdoors far less enjoyable.

Leaving mosquitoes alone is dangerous because there’s a chance they’re carrying bloodborne diseases like West Nile, malaria, or the Zika virus. Rather than waiting for a mosquito to bite you, it’s much safer to place down safeguards beforehand.

Arlington TX Mosquito Spray System

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Mosquito spray systems are an effective way to minimize the mosquitoes in an area. They can kill these annoyances, reducing their number and increasing the time you can spend outside without their presence. These systems keep your backyard and outdoor areas safer from the danger of mosquitoes.

How an Arlington TX Mosquito Spray System Works

Originally developed for agricultural and equestrian use, mosquito misting systems have been around for at least 25 years. While people still install them in barns to reduce biting flies and mosquitoes, residential usage became popular in the ’90s and has become a standard by now.

The system comprises a reservoir, pump, controller, tubing, fittings, and specialized nozzles. It usually releases a biodegradable insecticide for a short duration. The spray will kill mosquitoes on contact, reducing their population with each application. Any other incoming insects are repelled as well.

Although the EPA doesn’t regulate minimum risk pesticides, many states do. Most insecticides in residential misting systems contain pyrethrins and permethrin. Some may even contain piperonyl butoxide. To see which ones you’re using, you can check the list of active ingredients on the label.

If you’re going to install a mist system, you’ll need to know that you’ll be reducing the number of insects as a whole. These chemicals are toxic to many insects, like honeybees, ladybugs, butterflies, and other non-target bugs. Permethrin is highly toxic to fish.

Control services will usually mount the nozzles on fences, eves, and risers around the perimeter you want to protect. The system works on a set schedule, and you can adjust the spray times to when the mosquitoes are most active. Usually, they’ll be set to spray around dawn and dusk for about 30 to 45 seconds. In some cases, you can control the system with a controller or remote controller.

Sometimes this won’t work since the wind or elements can render the mist ineffective. Most pest control experts go about it by spraying the pesticides where mosquitoes tend to hide or rest. Mists aim to kill any airborne bugs but tend to miss the ones hiding behind shrubbery.

One of the Many Lines of Defense

The EPA, CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and most mosquito control professionals believe that a combination of preventative measures is how you can control mosquito populations. An Arlington TX mosquito spray system is only just one of the measures.

Usually, the first measure is to rid the area of any mosquito breeding grounds. These pests lay their eggs in standing water, so the key is to make sure you can limit how many locations that is. Any containers like empty jars, cans, flower pot saucers, cinderblocks, or old tires are possible locations for mosquitoes to hatch. You can kill mosquito larvae by draining the water from these locations, reducing the need to spray pesticides.

Arlington TX Mosquito Spray System

Prevent mosquitoes by reducing their numbers before they fly at you.

In the case where you can’t drain the water, you can use briquettes or “dunks.” These dunks have a certain type of bacteria as an ingredient that can kill larvae. Essentially, the bacteria release a protein crystal that the mosquito larvae ingest. The crystal dissolves and converts into a toxic molecule that destroys the larvae from the inside out.

Unfortunately, adult mosquitoes can travel several miles to bite you anyways. So to bar them from your outdoor areas, it may still be necessary to install mosquito spray systems.

How Mosquito Spray Systems Compare

Even if you reduce the emergence of a new generation of mosquitoes, you still need a way to ward off the already adult mosquitoes flying around. You can take several measures, but installing a mosquito spray system may be the most effective method.

Using a fogging system is another way to ward of mosquitoes. Like a misting system, they used insecticides to kill mosquitoes on contact and repel others. However, foggers are temporary and rely on residual toxic poisons to kill.

On the other hand, there are also Mosquito Magnets. This method generates CO2 and often attracts mosquitoes to your yard instead of repelling them. And using a mosquito mist to kill them is more effective and efficient than going at them with candles, torches, and bug zappers.

Mosquito spray systems are clean and don’t leave any gunky residue on nozzles. They don’t stain fences, decks, or cement. Unfortunately, because they don’t leave a residue, you need to keep applying them for them to remain effective.

Arlington TX Mosquito Spray System

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Choosing to Install a Mosquito Spray System

Mosquitoes are a constant menace in the warmer seasons. They make spending any time outdoors a living nightmare with unideal itchy bites and the chance of contracting a bloodborne disease, which makes methods that can keep them away or outright reducing their population ideal.

Introducing a mosquito spray system that will systematically spray insecticide into your area of choice. You can schedule it to spray during the mosquitoes’ most active times, reducing their numbers drastically. And by applying a few other preventative measures, you can keep mosquitoes from bothering you when you’re outside.

If you’re thinking of getting yourself a mosquito spray system, you should contact a professional mosquito control service. Experts like those with Texan Mosquito Systems can tell you the most effective measures to keeping your backyard or business free of mosquitoes in the long term. Contact Texan Mosquito Systems today, so they can help select the most effective Arlington TX mosquito spray system setup and spray schedule for you.

Arlington, TX Fun Facts:

  • Arlington was named after Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s Arlington House in Virginia.
  • The city has 6 Flags and Hurricane Harbor within the vicinity of Cowboys Stadium and Rangers Ballpark.
  • Cowboys Stadium’s nickname is the Jerry Dome, in honor of the Cowboys’ owner, Jerry Jones.
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