Are Mosquito Spray Systems Safe for Children and Pets

The one thing people are most concerned with today is the safety of their families. More and more people are becoming conscious about the products they use and what is in them. People are looking for safe products that their children and pets can be around without causing harm such as health issues. One of the questions that get asked quite a bit is, “are mosquito spray systems safe for children and pets.” Texan Mosquito Systems has the answer for you.

Are Mosquito Spray Systems safe for Children and Pets

Stop wasting money on repellents that don’t have the lasting effect you want.

Spray Systems and Children

To put it quite plainly, children are quite safe around spray systems. In fact, spray systems are much more preferred by people all around than mosquito repellent that has DEET in it. If you’ve never heard of DEET or don’t know what it is, it is the active ingredient in most bug repellents and many other products.

DEET was invented to be used for soldiers in the military who were fighting in the South Pacific. They needed something that would protect the soldiers from bug bites, and DEET was the product. It has been used in everyday bug repellant products.

According to the CDC, there is nothing inherently wrong with DEET. However, there are many people who can have an adverse reaction to it. Moreover, people do not like the strong smell it can have, nor the greasy feeling that bug repellant can have. Bug repellents can wear off fairly quickly, and it still isn’t even the most effective method.

With a spray system, you can let enjoy the outdoors and not have to worry about reapplying bug spray. Our spray system is completely safe to be around, and your children can play outdoors carefree.

Are Mosquito Spray Systems safe for Children and Pets

Your children and pets can run around safe and carefree with a spray system from Texan Mosquito Systems.

What About Pets?

We love our four-legged friend friends, and we want them to be just as safe as the rest of our family members. We can assure you that your pets will be quite safe around our spray systems so long as they are not staying near the sprayers and getting dowsed with the chemical for long periods of time.

There have been cases where cats may experience illness if the solution is somehow ingested. However, overall your pets are safer from our spray systems than they are from the mosquitos and other harmful insects they can encounter, such as fleas, ticks, and other insects alike.

The best way to keep everyone safe, children and pets, is to control the amount of time your sprayers go off. Much like anything else, we expose ourselves to the amount which we are exposed to at one time is what plays the biggest part in how safe something is.

With our automatic spray systems with controllable timers, you can have full control over how much of our solution is sprayed into your yard and how often. During our installation, we can discuss the safety precautions and how to over-spray your yard and utilize the automatic timer settings.