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The Woodlands TX best mosquito misting system is the solution to all of your mosquito problems. Tested and approved

The Woodlands TX outdoor mosquito control

Keep your children protected from the dangerous viruses that mosquitos carry. Contact Texan Mosquito Systems today.

Numerous times by research studied and loyal customers, our system is perfected and is sure to rid you of the pesky mosquitoes.

Whether its a large corporation or a residential neighborhood, The Woodlands TX best mosquito misting system is right for you and your yard. Mosquitos often ruin backyard barbeques and outside events. All the citronella candles and OFF bug spray in the world doesn’t seem to keep them away, but these companies make millions from these products every year and leave you with no results.

Look no further, we have the best solution for you, and we promise that we provide results you’ll fall in love with.

West Nile and the Zika Virus

Mosquitos are more than just an annoying insect; they carry diseases and viruses that can seriously harm you and your family. Known to carry the West Nile virus in 48 states, mosquitos can become deadly for you and your family.

Because mosquitos feed on the blood of almost anything they land on, it’s easy for them to contract these types of viruses. When a mosquito feeds on an infected bird, it contracts the virus. It then goes around spreading this virus to whoever it encounters. The severity of this issue is on a wide scale.

Most of the time, someone who has been bitten by a contaminated mosquito won’t exhibit any symptoms of the virus. 1 out of every 150 people will contract a fatal version of the virus without displaying any symptoms.

You and your family must take the proper steps to protect yourselves. With our years of experience in the industry, we’ve learned a lot about mosquitos. While most people assume mosquitos are a seasonal issue, that is not true. Mosquitos are ever-present at any time of the year.

But, the external temperature does have a lot to do with their presence in some regions of the world. Mosquitos thrive in hot, sticky, and humid environments.

Living in Texas, we all know that humidity is a huge issue here. So we usually see mosquitos around quite often. ‘

Our system, designed to kill every type of mosquito, keeps you and your family safe. We care about your safety just as much as you do. The Woodlands TX best mosquito misting system is an excellent investment for your home or business.

The Woodlands TX best mosquito misting system

Our system is easy to use and can be programmed to meet your yards needs. We install our system in a series of steps to ensure that it works properly, and you know how to use it with ease.

The Woodlands Texas Mosquito Treatment Near Me

Our technicians are experts in all matters regarding installation, maintenance, and repair.

The first step of our process would be to schedule a free of cost consultation with our reps. They are always ready and eager to answer any questions you have at any point. Over the phone, we take our time to get to know you and your needs to provide the best system possible. You can schedule your consultation within our hours of operation at a time that fits your needs.

Next, during your consultation appointment, our technicians will do a thorough yard inspection. This is vital because it will tell us how much material we need and what type of system needs to gets installed for your yard. We have a tank and tankless systems, and installing the right system in your yard optimizes the effect.

Not to worry, though, we follow all state and city guidelines when installing the system in your yard, keeping both of us out of any trouble. Once the consultation is complete, our team provides you with a quoted estimate of total costs for installation and labor. If the price is right for you, at this point, we will schedule your installation appointment.

During the consultation, our technicians should provide you with a time estimate for completion. Typically, it takes anywhere from 4-10 hours for installation. Factors such as the size of your yard and the type of system we’re installing affect the time frame.

Moreover, at the installation appointment, you are free to ask us any questions you have. Our team is happy to help. Once the installation is complete, the technicians explain the job and operating your new misting system. You can now rest assured that your yard is mosquito-free.

Finally, our technicians schedule follow-up appointments. These appointments allow us to check your system for errors and malfunctions. Additionally, we perform system refills if need be.

Always we are here to answer any questions you have, so don’t be afraid to ask us for help!

Mosquito Management

Woodlands Texas mosquito and tick control

The Woodlands TX best mosquito misting system

To keep mosquitos from being an issue, it’s essential that you make sure to give us a call if you notice something is wrong with your system. We take these issues seriously because we want your home to remain free of mosquitos as long as the system is in place.

Also, most issues are simples fixes. A lot of the time, a nozzle is clogged, or the system needs reset. Whether its an easy fix or a more detailed one, rest assured we will fix it.

Our misting system works wonders and keeps the mosquitos at bay. With our misting system, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors again, just as you have always wanted. The fine mist is nontoxic, but we recommend that you stay indoors while the mist is activated.

Our helpful techs teach you how to use the system and set it to a time frame that meets your needs. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service for the Woodlands TX area. Our customers are what keep us going day after day.

The look of your home is essential, and we thought of that too when designing the system. While maintaining your home’s perfect look, we install a system that works the way it should, keeping you happy and healthy.

Call us today at 713) 344-1984, to get started with a free in-home consultation. We are open daily 7 AM – 7 PM and on Sunday from 7 AM-Noon. Our wide schedule allows us to serve our customers with busy schedules as best as possible.

Choose The Woodlands TX best mosquito misting system today!

The Woodlands TX Fun Facts

  • The Woodlands is commonly known as “The Invisible City.”
  • We are home to five major hospitals.
  • Filled with many species of birds and gorgeous forestry, the Woodlands TX has beautiful scenery for everyone to enjoy!
  • Numerous protected wildlife species live in the area, and many of them are protected at our nature reserve.
  • For more fun facts about the Woodlands TX, explore our community website.