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If you’ve been looking for a Sugar Land TX outdoor mosquito control service, contact Texan Mosquito Systems today. You won’t find a service more dedicated to protecting your family from the dangers of mosquitos. If you’d like to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Sugar Land TX outdoor mosquito control

Don’t let mosquitos ruin your outdoor plans. Contact Texan Mosquito Systems to rid your yard once and for all of these pesky insects.

Mosquitos: Natural repellents vs. Control Systems

Living here in Texas means you’re going to encounter mosquitos whenever you step outside. This is why the majority of people have started turning to natural remedies to combat their mosquito problems. You can also invest in a mosquito control system to keep your yard and home free from these pesky insects. It goes without saying that a professional system is the most effective method; however, it can never hurt to be too cautious, especially with the dangers that mosquitos present.

So which of these natural remedies work and which are just a waste of time?

Using plants to kill mosquito larvae

Household plants and garden plants are probably the most effective natural remedy. Basil, peppermint, lavender, and catnip are all practical solutions to rid your home of mosquitos. Because believe it or not, mosquitos can infect your home as well as your backyard. To ensure these houseplants are used effectively, you need to place them by open doors and windows to deter the bugs from coming indoors.

Guarding your home form mosquitos starts with protecting the outdoor environment. If your yard has an effective repellent system, then mosquitos won’t get close enough to attempt to enter your home. Marigold is a great choice to help you with this. This colorful plant not only makes your home look beautiful, but it is responsible for killing mosquito larvae.

Bug Sprays and bug bands

Bug sprays containing DEET are the most effective. You can also make your own solution by diluting peppermint oil in some water. However, bug sprays wear off quickly and only provide complete protection for an hour or two. Because of this, if you’re not applying it regularly, then it won’t prove as effective as other methods.

Bug bands may last a while longer; however, due to them only being worn on your wrist, there’s no guarantee that other areas of your body, such as your ankles, will be protected. Applying bug spray frequently can become an inconvenience, and although it may be necessary on camping trips, you don’t need to rely on it in the comfort of your backyard. Contact Texan Mosquito Systems today to learn how our system can protect your friends and family when enjoying the outdoors.

Mosquito Control in Sugar Land, Texas

Let us be the first person you call when you need Sugar Land TX outdoor mosquito control.

Water: how to keep mosquitos away

Mosquitos are known for laying their eggs in standing water. This could pose dangers to people who live in areas near or around lakes, ponds, rivers, and any other water sources. Swimming pools are the exception as the water is treated with chemicals. However, that doesn’t mean any other water features in your yard are safe. Birdbaths, kiddie pools, and even water fountains all have the potential to be plagued by mosquito eggs. This is because they are attracted to stagnant water, so if you own a water fountain that isn’t running for an extended period, it could become infested.

Of course, there are some natural remedies to try and prevent mosquitos from taking advantage of these water sources. Peppermint oil has been known to repel mosquitos, meaning diluting a few drops in the water could keep them away. However, this is not advisable when dealing with a kiddie pool as it could pose dangers to children. This is where marigolds could once again come in useful; by planting them in your garden, it should keep the mosquito population manageable.

But is manageable want you want? Or do you want your home to be mosquito free? If so, reach out to Texan Mosquito Systems. Our misting systems will guarantee a significant reduction in the mosquitos around your property from day one.

Mosquito Control Sugar Land

Let Texan Mosquito Systems keep your family protected from the diseases mosquitos carry.

Why choose Texan Mosquito Systems?

When you need mosquito pest control, there’s no one better to have on your side. We have been helping families tackle their mosquito problems for years now. Our expert misting system has proven effective in eradicating mosquitos time and time again. Let us do the same for your home. Call us today to set up an appointment, and you’ll be one step closer to a mosquito-free environment.

Many people are put off of mosquito systems due to their appearance. Bug zappers aren’t exactly the most pretty thing to look at, and with the constant buzzing, people may look at them as an inconvenience. However, you won’t get that with our system. Our sleek, compact nozzles and sprayers are designed to be both effective and discreet. With the possibility of our system being completely flexible, it’s the clear choice for Sugar Land TX outdoor mosquito control.

Every house is different in shape, layout, and size, and we want everyone to experience the wonders of our system. That is why we’ve designed our system to work around your environment. Our misting sprayers can be installed wherever and whenever. If you have a build-up of mosquitos in a particular area on your property, there could be factors that are causing this. However, with our help, it won’t be a problem any longer. Our expert team will work with you to determine the best positioning for the misting system in your yard. This will give you maximum protection against mosquitos.

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With the help of the experts at Texan Mosquito Systems, You’ll discover a long term solution to keep your yard pest-free. What are you waiting for? Get in touch now to see the benefits of our installation system.

The right choice for Sugar Land TX outdoor mosquito control

If you want to rid your home of mosquitos and make sure they stay gone, then you need Texan Mosquito Systems. Call us at (713)-344-1984 to make an appointment. Check out our locations and services to discover why we’re the right choice for Sugar Land TX outdoor mosquito control.

Fun facts about Sugar Land

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  • The minor league baseball team attached to the city had its mascot name chose by the local children.
  • The town square serves as a place for community events and gatherings.
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