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If you’re looking for Sugar Land, TX mosquito control systems that actually work, you’ve come to the right place. At Texan Mosquito Systems, we offer a variety of mosquito control options to fit your needs. Our company has locations serving the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex and the Greater Houston Area. So, if you are in need of mosquito control, give us a call today!

Sugar Land, TX mosquito control systems

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The Houston area climate is a triple terror: it is hot, humid, and rainy. Unfortunately, this creates the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. Mosquitos lay their eggs in water. Some mosquitos prefer permanent bodies of water like ponds or marshes. Others lay their eggs in moist soil or containers and wait for the rainwater to flood the area before they hatch.

If you are having trouble getting mosquitos out of your yard, Texan Mosquito Systems has the solutions for you. Our workers will implement a series of nozzles and sprayers to mist your yard with mosquito treatment. Breathe easy, knowing you and your family can fully enjoy the outdoors without pesky insects constantly zapping away your blood.

How Do Sugar Land, TX Mosquito Control Systems Work?

Texan Mosquito Systems offers a highly effective mosquito misting system to control insect populations. Our mosquito misting systems work by releasing a fine mist of insecticide into the air. The mist is typically directed towards areas where mosquitoes are known to congregate, such as near-standing water or in shady areas.

The nozzles that release the mosquito-killing mists are mounted around the home or yard. They are connected by a tubing system that connects them to a supply of insecticide. There are two types of misters available:

  • Drum misters, where the insecticide supply is pre-mixed and contained in a drum.
  • Tankless misters, where the pesticide is contained in a replaceable canister and not mixed until the machine is activated.

The misting action of Sugar Land, TX mosquito control systems usually occurs regularly, such as once per day or once per week. Our mosquito misting system also includes a manual override option that allows users to activate the misting cycle anytime.

Our mosquito misting systems can be an effective way to reduce the mosquito population in an area. However, it is important to follow the Texan Mosquito Systems’ instructions carefully in order to avoid harming other animals. After all, you want to avoid hurting helpful insects, such as pollinating honeybees and pest-eating ladybugs, and you definitely want to avoid hurting your pets!

Are Mosquito Misting Systems Effective?

Sugar Land, TX mosquito control systems

Protect your little ones with Sugar Land, TX mosquito control systems.

You might be desperate to get rid of the mosquitos in your yard, but are mosquito misting systems really the best way to accomplish that?

The data suggests that, yes, mosquito misting systems are one of the best ways to control mosquito populations on your property. Research conducted by Florida A&M University and funded by the State of Florida suggests that mosquito misting systems are highly effective. The study found that in comparison with untreated yards, mosquito populations fell 71-98% in yards with mosquito misting systems!

Mosquito misting systems treat the immediate area around the nozzle. This is usually about 10 feet around each nozzle. The mist can be affected by the wind, but typically, the sprays are effective for a couple of hours after each spray. The mist will eliminate active adult mosquitos within their range but not outside of it.

Why Are Mosquitos So Dangerous?

Mosquitos are annoying, sure, but they’re not dangerous… Are they?

Actually, mosquitos are one of the most dangerous animals in the world! They are the primary way that humans contract many dangerous diseases, including Zika, yellow fever, dengue fever, and malaria. Combined, these diseases infect hundreds of millions of humans internationally, and they kill millions of people every year.

Mosquitos are more effective at transmitting diseases than even flies. This is because mosquitos do not transmit the diseases themselves – they actually transmit the disease-causing agents. When mosquitos bite a person, they pierce the human’s skin like a needle. They drink directly from the bloodstream, injecting saliva into the skin to make the blood flow more smoothly.

On the other hand, human-biting flies will only create a wound and sip the blood that surfaces. They do not directly secrete their saliva into human blood as mosquitos do. Therefore, much fewer pathogens are transmitted by flies than mosquitos, even if both these animals drink blood.

Mosquito Season in Texas

In truth, there is not really a mosquito season in Texas. This isn’t to say that mosquitos never come out in Texas – if that were true, you wouldn’t be on this page, and Texan Mosquito Systems would be out of business!

The reason that there is no mosquito season in Texas is that mosquitos never really go away in this part of the South. So there is no real mosquito “season”; mosquitos are a year-round problem here!

However, of course, there are times of the year when the mosquitos are more plentiful. In Sugar Land, mosquitos are typically more prevalent the rainier it is. The more water there is on the ground, the more mosquito eggs hatch. So, that means that the most active times of year for mosquitos are usually the months of June, July, and August.

Additionally, mosquitos are usually more active during dawn and dusk. Most species of mosquitos avoid the sun, as direct sunlight can dehydrate them. Mosquitos don’t just rely on moisture for their birth; they must also stay wet during adulthood. So, during the day, you can find a lot of mosquitos in shaded and damp areas such as forests, wetlands, and ponds.

Sugar Land, TX mosquito control systems

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Sugar Land, TX Fun Facts:

  • Sugar Land is where the Imperial Sugar company makes its home.
  • When it was first settled, Sugar Land was called “Oakland Plantation”.
  • Sugar Land is considered “earthquake-free”.
  • For more Sugar Land fun facts, visit their website!