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If you’re in need of Plano TX mosquito yard control, then contact Texan Mosquito Systems today. We have the right solution to all of your mosquito issues. Mosquitos are an ever-present issue that doesn’t go away unless tackled head-on.

Numerous commercials encourage you to spend your money on products like OFF bug spray and citronella candles that do nothing but make yourself and your home smell like a chemical bank. All these companies do is steal your money without delivering the promised results. However, you won’t find that with us.

Plano TX mosquito yard control

Our misting systems help keep mosquitoes and their diseases away!

You’ll be much happier at your family gathering in the backyard if mosquitos aren’t there to ruin the event. Our only focus isn’t just providing you with the best system possible but also educating you and your family about the dangers mosquitos pose.

Furthermore, we’ll teach you ways to maintain your newly installed system so that it lasts a lifetime!

Dangers of mosquitos

Mosquitos are more than just an annoying pest. Most of the time, they carry diseases that can harm you and your family. The West Nile and Zika virus are two widely known diseases that these insects carry. What’s worse about it is that these viruses tend to be asymptomatic. Meaning that many patients are unaware they’re infected until it’s too late.

It’s not often that you’ll identify that pesky red mosquito bite on your wrist as more than just a bug bite. Besides the constant urge to scratch your skin, a bite is just a bite to the naked eye. But what many do not know is that sometimes this bite leads to more.

Our company genuinely cares about your family’s health and safety. That is our business’s sole purpose and why we work so hard to provide you with the best results. Symptoms of either virus often include a persistent headache, rash, sweating, and nausea or vomiting. If, at any time after you’re bitten, you experience these symptoms, head to the ER right away. Consider yourself lucky if you exhibit symptoms; most often, patients aren’t awarded the chance to catch the first before it’s too late.

 How do mosquitos get the virus?

Plano TX mosquito yard control

Keep your family safe from these disease- carrying insects!

You might be wondering how mosquitos get either virus. But it’s actually quite simple. Mosquitos feed on the blood of both animals and humans. Our blood and animal blood often contain harmful pathogens that threaten our systems every day. Mosquitos are found with the West Nile virus by feeding on dead birds’ blood that carry the virus in their bloodstream.

1 out of every 150 people will be infected with a fatal version of the West Nile virus. Because most patients are asymptomatic, they don’t receive the necessary help until it is too late. So, you can easily understand why it’s imperative to keep these insects out of your yard. They aren’t just annoying; they most often pose a public health concern.

Our employees and customer service reps are the most experienced personnel in their area. As a result, we’re the most experienced when it comes to knowing mosquitoes. Any of our workers can answer questions you have at any point. Don’t be afraid to ask us; we can help!

If you have questions about mosquitos or how you might be affected, don’t be afraid to give our team a call. We are more than happy to help you out. Give us a call at 713-344-1984 to get started today!

Plano TX mosquito yard control

Don’t let mosquitos ruin your family’s chances of creating lasting memories. We can help you with our Plano TX mosquito yard control! Now that you’ve learned about the harm mosquitos pose, it’s time to have our system installed in your home.

Furthermore, to ensure that your mosquito misting system is working at its prime, we install it in a series of steps. The first step in any installation is free of cost to your consultation. During the consultation, we evaluate your yard, utilizing it to find the best placement for the misting system nozzles. Aesthetics are one of the critical reasons homeowners choose their home. So we know that maintaining your home’s beautiful look is essential.

At the consultation, we will measure your yard and inspect the dimensions. This also aids us in determining if your home needs a take or tankless system.

Also important to note, we always follow state and city regulations and guidelines when installing our system. This ensures that both of us don’t end up in a bind.

We will provide you with a quoted estimate of the cost for the system, and it is for you to decide whether or not you would like to proceed. If the price fits your budget, we can go ahead and continue.


Next, following the consultation, you will schedule an installation appointment. We have very open hours, which allows you to choose any time between 7 AM-7 PM to have your system installed. Moreover, during the consultation, we will discuss with you exactly how long the installation will take. Usually, it takes anywhere from 4-10 hours. But this depends on factors such as the size of your yard and the type of system we install.

Upon arrival at your home, our team will begin to place the nozzles in your yard and install the tank or tankless system as well. When the job is complete, our technicians explain to you the process that they completed. You are always free to ask questions at any point. Our technicians also show you how to operate your new misting system. 

Lastly, our technicians schedule future monthly appointments to come out and refill or check your system for bugs or errors. Finally, our technicians ask you if you have any last-minute questions. If not, you’re on your way to a mosquito-free home!

Let us help you!

Plano TX mosquito yard control

Plano TX mosquito yard control

Don’t let mosquitos become an issue for your family. Our misting system is proven pest control and kills mosquitos with contact. Insect repellant will become an issue of the past when you use our high tech Plano TX mosquito yard control.

Call us today at (713)344-1984 for a free estimate!

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