Pet Protection from Pesky Pests

Mosquitoes can be a menace to both people and animals. One bite causes itching and swelling, not to mention several at once. During their most active seasons, their presence can quickly drive us inside and force us to miss the chance to enjoy the great outdoors. And if we can feel their annoying presence, so can our furry friends.

Puppy Protection from Pesky Pests

Our mosquito control system can also protect your pets from harm.

These pesky pests aren’t picky about who or what they draw blood from. Mosquitoes can be carriers of dangerous diseases for both humans and animals. You’ve probably heard of the terrible diseases that can spread among the human population through mosquitoes. But did you also know that these intruding neighbors are also carriers of several bacteria and parasites that are harmful to cats and dogs?

If your pet spends a portion of its day outside, you should set up some sort of protection so that your furry friend can romp around without worrying about flying nuisances.

Protect Your Pet with a Misting Control System

An outdoor mosquito control system can control the local mosquito population within your yard. It’s a misting system that sprays pesticides at specific intervals to kill adult mosquitoes on contact. Once you have a system set up, you, your family, and your pets can enjoy your outdoor space without the presence of mosquitoes.

You can have either a manual system or an automatic one. With a manual system, you can, well, activate yourself before you want to enjoy your backyard or whenever you notice a swarm of mosquitoes outside. With an automatic system, we’ll set your system up to spray when mosquitoes are most active in your area.

Despite their frequent presence, there’s a reason why mosquitoes like to show up in shady areas. That’s because staying under direct sunlight too long can dry them out. When the sun is high in the sky, they tend to hide in the underbrush where. When we install your misting system, we’ll also ensure that the system targets the locations where mosquitoes like to rest.

The pesticides that Texan Mosquito Systems uses in our misting sprays can kill insects on contact. However, they are eco-friendly, and inhaling a small amount won’t harm humans or pets. Unlike some other anti-mosquito systems, our pesticides won’t leave any residue on plants or surfaces. It’ll evaporate after a few moments after it makes contact with the air.

Puppy Protection from Pesky Pests

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Set Up Your Pet’s Protection Today

Mosquitoes can be the bane of a perfect day outside. If you have an outdoor cat or dog, they can be more than annoying. Mosquitoes can spread dangerous bacteria and parasites around. Texan Mosquito System can set up a misting control system to prevent mosquitoes from swarming your outdoor area.

Contact us to hear more about our systems and speak directly with one of our specialists. We can come out to you and give you a preliminary quote based on the amount of ground you want to cover. Protect your family and pets from mosquitoes and spend a day outside without worrying about bites with a mosquito system today.