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Houston TX residential mosquito control systems

Houston TX Residential mosquito control systems

Researching Houston TX residential mosquito control systems can be a lot of work. There are so many ways to get rid of mosquitoes. Personally and as a community. Often residents of a community find personal ways to prevent mosquitoes from biting.

Mosquito prevention is an essential part of public health. Many mosquito-transmitted diseases can result in hospital visits or worse. Mosquitoes are known as one of the most deadly creatures on the planet for humans. This is because nearly one million people worldwide die from the diseases they carry. Its no wonder people are looking for effective mosquito prevention.

While there are a lot of prevention methods out there, some are more effective than others. Community mosquito misting systems are some of the most effective ways of mosquito prevention. However, what are some of the more ineffective mosquito control systems? They aren’t systems but personal treatments to replace DEET. Here are some that we don’t recommend, especially where mosquito-transmitted diseases are rampant.

Essential Oils

Many claim that these are a fantastic alternative to DEET. However, they haven’t had enough testing to be sure of their effectiveness. Some of the oils that are known to repel mosquitoes are:

  • Peppermint
  • Lemongrass
  • Clove
  • Lemon Eucalyptus (Not to be confused with Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus)

Another thing about these oils is that they require constant reapplication for them to remain active. If you forget to reapply these oils, then it can leave you vulnerable to mosquito bites until you remember to apply it.

In areas where malaria, yellow fever, and Zika virus can be transmitted, it is recommended to stick with a more foolproof repellent.

Sonic Apps and Devices

These apps are supposed to repel mosquitoes by imitating the mating call of male mosquitoes or the beating wings of a dragonfly. The mosquitoes that bite are pregnant females, which is why, logically, they would avoid these two sounds.

However, it hasn’t proven to be effective. These apps have been tested time and time again. They fail to repel mosquitoes every time. Female mosquitoes won’t leave an area just because it is full of mating males or dragonflies.

If you have sat at the edge of a lake swatting at mosquitoes, you know they don’t care about dragonflies. This is why choosing a Houston TX residential mosquito control system is the best way to go.

Houston TX residential mosquito control systems

You and your family can finally have that backyard barbecue without pesky mosquitoes.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Effective personal mosquito control is getting rid of anything that could hold standing water. Stagnant water is the main breeding ground for mosquitoes. Although it may not seem like a big deal, you will think twice after a couple of bites. They enjoy hot, swampy areas with stale water and tall grass to hide. Depending on the property you have, you may be able to deter mosquitoes with some simple maintenance.

Some of this maintenance can include:

  • throwing out plant trimmings
  • cleaning the gutters
  • keep grass and plants neatly trimmed
  • make sure land drains properly
  • fix leaky watering equipment
  • get rid of debris
  • put tools in a shed or garage

Keeping a regular schedule for this kind of maintenance will help keep your yard and family safe from mosquitoes. However, if you live near a ditch or a lake or your neighbor isn’t taking care of standing water, then you are out of luck. This is why many people opt for DEET or a more permanent Houston TX residential mosquito control systems.

Avon Skin So Soft

Avon didn’t make this product to be a mosquito repellent. However, people have raved about how effective it is. With its popularity, it caused people to decide to put it to the test. In 2002 an experiment was done where test subjects stick their arms in cages filled with mosquitoes. Avon Skin So Soft worked only for 10 min. The other repellent that was tested alongside Avon Skin So Soft was Bite Blocker. Bite Blocker worked for 94 minutes, making it the superior mosquito repellent.

However, Avon was listening to its customers and created a product called Avon Skin So Soft Bug Gaurd Plus IR 3535. This product was made specifically to be a repellent. But it only worked for 23 minutes. Thirteen minutes longer than the original.

Houston TX residential mosquito control systems

Protect your family this summer and give them a backyard they will love.


This is often used in candles and is a popular personal treatment for parties. It is known to be as effective as DEET, but there are a few downsides.

The oil evaporates quickly dwindling it down to be just a candle in a short time. However, regular candles are quite useful. Mosquitoes are attracted to moisture, carbon dioxide, and heat. Having a regular candle or a citronella candle can be helpful in keeping mosquitoes away from the party.

Since the citronella oil burns off so quickly, buying a regular candle would be an equally effective alternative. Also, regular candles are cheaper than a citronella candle.

Topical citronella is also available. This repellent has been tested and approved to repel mosquitoes for up to 120 minutes. The downside to this is that for some people, citronella is a skin irritant. While this is an effective product, it might not be useful to everyone.

The Best Houston TX residential mosquito control systems

When deciding on a Houston TX residential mosquito control system, there are quite a few to choose from. There are personal ones that can be used on an individual basis. However, more and more people are opting for a more natural alternative.

The natural repellents aren’t as effective as DEET either because they don’t work or evaporate too quickly. This can leave users at risk for dangerous mosquito-transmitted diseases.

However, people aren’t paranoid about¬† DEET. Tests have shown that DEET kills brain cells in rats. The strong chemicals aren’t healthy for humans; however, neither is a disease.

There are residential spraying trucks that are effective in mosquito control. It keeps your family from having to cover themselves in chemicals to enjoy the outdoors. It also keeps them from getting bitten because they used an ineffective alternative.

However, if you would prefer to choose when the misting happens, then you can opt for a personal misting system. At Texan Mosquito Systems, we have misting systems for your residential or commercial property that will keep the mosquitoes at bay.

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