How excessive rain draws in mosquitos

Summer’s around the corner, so you know what that means–mosquitos! Mosquitos are naturally drawn to wet weather, so those summer months will have them all over your yard! Therefore, you need a team like ours at your side.

Mosquitos are not just annoying pests! They actually carry many life-threatening diseases that you should keep yourself and your family protected from. Installing a mosquito misting system like ours can help you do exactly that!

Why do mosquitos like the wet and rain?

Why mosquitos are attracted to rain

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Contrary to popular beliefs around mosquitos, they do not actually like the rain. It is actually few and far between that you will find a mosquito out and about when it is raining outside. However, you will notice tons of them buzzing around after the rain has subsided. Why?

This is because mosquitos are attracted to the puddles left over after the rain has stopped. In order for mosquitos to re-populate, they need puddles of water at least a half-inch deep for their larvae to survive. When it rains a lot, there are always more than enough puddles to go around for each mosquito to be comfortable.

Your yard is the number one place that will harbor deep puddles and moisture that allows these pesky bugs to thrive. So having a system like ours in place will prevent them from breeding in your yard and creating an itchy problem for you and your family.

How can I eliminate mosquitos for good?

While we wish there was a way to virtually erase mosquitos from the planet, we do not possess a tool that can do that. All we can do is install preventative maintenance that works hard to keep your home safe from pests. Additionally, mosquitos actually do provide some benefit to our earth. They help to filter waste which keeps our plant life thriving and healthy.

Moreover, mosquitos also get rid of dead carcasses by eating them, and they also make important nutrients like oxygen that our plants feed on. Without the plants, there’s no oxygen for us to breathe! So, while they may be annoying, overall, the planet does need them as part of the ecosystem. However, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t keep them out of our homes. After all, while they may do good, they can still do plenty of bad.

Why mosquitos are attracted to rain

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