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Are you looking for Houston TX Mosquito Spraying near me? If so, look no further, Texan Mosquito Systems is here to serve you. We provide a myriad of services that can positively benefit your home or business.

Our company includes services in misting systems, and we also will install a mosquito system if you are building a new home. Stop letting those pesky bugs take over your home or business and contact Texan Mosquito System today!

Houston, TX Mosquito Spraying near me

Protecting Your New Environments

If you are looking to build your new home or business with mosquito-proof features, our company is here to help. We will collaborate with your builder to come up with the most effective way to ensure that the correct installation is carried out. By providing that your property is built with these features can save you a lot of issues in the future. The landscape is just as crucial as your decor. Having a backyard infested with mosquitoes takes away from the peace and tranquility of what your home should be.

Build Your Mosquito-Free Abode

We are more than capable of installing our mist system as a part of your home. Furthermore, you will always have a system that will ultimately prevent the presence of these pests. We want the very best for each of our clients. With that being said, we offer ways to help avoid potential health hazards that mosquitos can cause. Maintaining exposure to the potential viruses these insects might carry is our main concern. We are all about benefitting the client and making their issues our issues.

Building your home as a mosquito prevented residence will guarantee safety from diseases and other harmful pathogens. Aside from widespread diseases, they can also carry pathogens such as hepatitis B, C, and HIV. Workplaces, specifically need to take extreme measures to prevent these pesky critters. If businesses need to install these systems, imagine how unsafe your home is. Fortunately, all of your mosquito worries can be erased when you contact Texan Mosquito Systems.

Things to Know About Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are easily some of the most dangerous species in the ecosystem. Many widespread diseases are associated with this insect. Diseases such as Zika, malaria yellow fever, and more stem from this bug. Mosquitoes can even carry heartworm, which can be extremely detrimental to your k-9.

Mosquito Life Expectancy

Mosquitoes are expected to live up to 6 months. Many do not even make it to that period of time. Although this is true, mosquitoes have a higher life expectancy than many other types of insects. Most adult females typically only live for two or three weeks.

How Do Mosquitoes Gain Nutrition

Male mosquitoes usually feed on nectar while female mosquitoes feed on humans or other animals’ blood. Females need protein from blood in order to reproduce. Males will never target humans as they don’t need their blood to procreate. Females will also only target humans when they need the protein for their eggs; besides that, they will likely receive nutrition from nectar as well.

Not All Mosquitoes Target Humans

Not all species target humans. Many mosquitoes only prey on particular animals and won’t prey on humans altogether. Species such as the Culiseta melanura only target birds. Other species, such as the Uranotaenia sapphirine, only target reptiles, and amphibians.

WingBeats and Synchronization

Compared to other types of insects, mosquitoes tend to fly a lot slower than the average bug. A mosquito’s wing beats anywhere between 300

Humble TX mosquito control near me

Mosquitos carry many diseases, so it’s essential to keep children safe.

and 600 times per second. This is what causes the irritating buzzing that you ear when one passes.

Experts have also discovered that only male mosquitoes can hear the wingbeats of their potential mates. Recent studies have proven that the Aedes aegypti female mosquito can listen to their lovers as well. When the male and female meet, their buzzing will automatically sync.

Mosquitoes Need Water

Just a few inches of water is all that a female mosquito needs to input her eggs. Tiny mosquito larvae can form quickly in bird baths, roof gutters, and old tires dumped in empty lots. Some species can even breed in puddles leftover by the rain.

Mosquitoes and Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is an element that is produced by humans and other animals. Mosquitoes are keen on this element and can instantly sense when its in the air. Once a female indicates where the CO2 is stemming from, she flies back forth in the CO2 area until she finds her victim.

Bug Zappers and Mosquitoes

These devices are useful for eliminating gnats, beetles, moths, and many more types of insects but do not affect mosquitoes at all. Because these creatures are attracted to carbon dioxide, the illumination from the bug zapper does not lure them.

Fogger machines that attract mosquitoes with CO2 are very effective. Additionally, repellants for your yard and self are some of the most affordable and simple ways to prevent the presence of mosquitoes. To rid their presence for sure, contact professionals like Texan Mosquito Systems is extremely imperative.

The Legacy of Mosquitoes and Their Impact on the World

In reality, it is extremely challenging to wipe out mosquitoes as there are over 3,000 species completely. Fortunately, only about 200 species target humans. In the ecosystem, these bugs are quite beneficial as they serve as prey and pollinators.

These creepy critters have even inspired scientists to design painless hypodermic needles, examine ways to make needle insertion more accessible, and create insertion guides to place tiny electrodes into the brain better.

Houston, TX Mosquito Spraying near me

Our team of professionals’ primary concern is the well-being of your home and business. Installing systems such as our mist service into your

Houston TX backyard mosquito control systems

We install our misting services during construction so you can have a mosquito-free home.

home is a great way to help prevent these bugs. Give us a call at (713) 344-1984 today to set up your free consultation. Stop searching for Houston, TX Mosquito Spraying near me, and let our experts here Texan Mosquito Systems serve you.

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