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If you are looking for Houston, TX mosquito pest control, you are in the

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right place. Texan Mosquito Systems offers several types of services to help control mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are very dangerous because they can carry pathogens that can be transferred.

Additionally, our services extend to residential and commercial. No one wants to constantly swat at pests and receive mosquito bites. In places like Houston and its surrounding areas, with the weather changing so frequently, it is essential that we provide the best mosquito control services.

We have a team of experts that will first visit your home to assess the best plan for your home or business. You want a system that ensures it will eliminate mosquitoes. This is why we customize misting systems and carefully install each setup. Contact the best Houston mosquito control and get started protecting your home or business today.

The Reason Mosquitoes Bite

Although mosquitoes are quite annoying, they are very fascinating. Did you know that only the female makes contact with mammals and humans and not the males? Male mosquitoes do not depend on human blood for nutrition but instead, feed only on nectar.

Female mosquitoes come into contact with humans for protein and other compounds that assist them in producing and developing their eggs. Therefore, when a mosquito bites you, she releases her saliva into the wound.

Mosquito saliva consists of an anticoagulant that helps the blood to flow smoothly while also guaranteeing the host is unaware of this activity. This explains why you rarely feel the bite when it occurs.

How Many Bites Does it Take to Get…

Unfortunately, there are no limits to the number of mosquito bites that one can inflict. A female mosquito will continue to feast until she is completely full. After she has consumed enough blood, she will then rest for 2-3 days before she lays the eggs.

Mosquito Bites and Other Insect Bites

Typically, mosquito bites cause an itch because of the overall reaction to the bite. Therefore, most suffer from a minor allergic reaction to the mosquito’s saliva, usually resulting in bumps on the skin.

As the blood vessels surrounding the bite begin to swell, they cause nerves to become irritated. Furthermore, your body combats a process called anticoagulant (which slows down your blood) by releasing histamine to fight it. This is what causes irritation and itchiness.

Generally, mosquito bites cause a minor allergic reaction and don’t go past the symptoms mentioned. However, some people may suffer from a more severe reaction to mosquito bites. Talk with your doctor if you experience serious signs of infection.

Mosquito Bites V. Flea Bites

When first spotting a flea bite, it typically looks similar to one another.

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The diseases carried by mosquitos can put your loved ones in danger. Prevent this from happening by choosing the services of Texan Mosquito Systems.

However, there are a few differences. For instance, flea bites are normally felt immediately and are often found on the feet or lower parts of the leg.

Mosquito Bites V. Bed Bug Bites

Like flea bites, mosquito bites also share some characteristics with bed bug bites as far as appearance. In contrast to mosquito bites, bed bug bites are known to appear, and a line and are small and flat.

Treating Mosquito Bites and Home Remedies

When treating a mosquito bite, it usually does not take much to cure. You can treat mosquito bites by:

  1. Cleaning the bite with warm soap and water
  2. Place an ice pack on the bite to reduce inflammation
  3. Taking an antihistamine can also help relieve discomfort
  4. Avoid scratching the bitten area to reduce the risk of infection
  5. Things like toothpaste help to soothe the bite because of the menthol flavor
  6. The famous natural plant, Aloe Vera is sold in the form of an antiseptic agent and helps reduce pain, swelling, and itching.
  7. Substances such as honey is a natural antibiotic that can help with swelling.

Diseases that Mosquitoes Cause

Regardless of their size, mosquitoes are considered to be the world’s most dangerous animal because of the variety of diseases that it causes. In reality, mosquitoes are known to carry and transfer viruses and diseases for both humans and animals.

Some of the conditions only affect particular species, but across the board, these insects can be very deadly. Read further to learn about some of the most well-known diseases in the world caused or transferred by the mosquito.

West Nile Virus

This virus was found in the United States in 1999. This a virus specifically linked to mosquitoes also considered an arbovirus, which is a term used to describe a group of viral infections that are transferred to humans from a group of insects known as arthropods. Arthropods included insects like fleas, ticks, gnats, and mosquitoes. These insects all have one thing in common, and that is feeding on blood.

Dengue Fever

This not a very common disease in America, but Dengue Fever is very discomforting because it causes a lot of bleeding. Outbreaks do happen from time to time as people travel globally. This particular disease has been linked to the Aedes aegypti species of the mosquito.

Zika Virus

This is another condition that is linked directly to mosquitoes. The virus might cause minimal symptoms to the person who is first infected with a fever, headache, muscle aches, a rash, and a few other symptoms that disappear quickly. Unfortunately, once the disease is inside the body, it can cause severe issues down the road and has been linked to congenital disabilities.


This condition is more traditional and is not much of a concern in the United States. However, in other parts of the world, this condition is still a huge problem. Furthermore, malaria is a parasite that first appears to be the flu but then quickly becomes severe. The Anopheles mosquito is common for carrying this condition.

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Houston, TX Fun Facts

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  2. More than 90 languages are spoken in Houston.
  3. The Beer Can House is covered with 39,000 beer cans, all of which were consumed over 18 years by John Milkovisch, who really, really loved beer.
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