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If you decided to search for “Houston TX mosquito control services near me” then you might have a mosquito problem. Don’t stress, Texan Mosquito Systems is here to help. Everyone knows that mosquitos are a huge problem here in Texas. These bugs love heat and humidity. But they’re always ruining your outdoor activities. Gardening, picnics, and just enjoying the evening is a huge pain. Because mosquitos are pests, we guarantee to get rid of them for good. Not only are they super annoying, but mosquitos are also effective pathogen carriers. Pathogens are any type of virus, bacteria, or microorganism that poses a health risk to you or your loved ones.

We install fast, effective, and durable misting systems in your home that eliminate mosquitos in your yard for good. Get started by giving us a call at (713)-344-1984. Houston TX mosquito control services near me have never been closer.

Houston TX mosquito control services near me

Houston TX mosquito control services near me

Diseases Mosquitos Carry

The biggest reason you need mosquito protection services is that mosquitos carry disease. There are 3,000 species of mosquitos in the world, over 175 in the U.S. and Texas alone has over 80 species. It’s clear as day to see why mosquitos affect over a million people every single year. Mosquito-borne diseases run rampant all over the U.S., but with our misting system, they don’t have to be in your yard. The list of diseases mosquitos spread is endless, but here are the most common ones:

  • West Nile Virus
  • Zika Virus
  • Dengue
  • East Equine Encephalitis
  • St. Louis Encephalitis
  • Malaria
  • Yellow Fever
  • Chikungunya Virus
  • And much, much more!

The last thing you need to worry about while enjoying the fresh air is you or a loved one getting sick. Being outdoors should be relaxing and stress-free. It’s essential to take all the steps to protect your family from these disease-ridden bugs. Furthermore, your pets and livestock are at risk. Mosquitos spread the diseases on the list and heartworm diseases rapidly. A misting system not only protects your family but your pets and livestock as well. The list of diseases goes on, but if you search for “Houston TX mosquito control services near me” then quit looking because we’re already there ready to help you.


This is one of the most common diseases spread by mosquitos here in Texas. Every year the Texas Department of State Health Services records the number of cases here. Dengue was first introduced in Texas over two decades ago and has not gone away. The symptoms of this virus can be very severe. Symptoms include high fever, rash, severe headaches, and mild bleeding manifestation. In 1999 there were 55 cases and even one death. It’s a terrible disease that you need to keep away from home.

West Nile Virus

Additionally, West Nile Virus is also present in Texas. Mosquitos spread this to people, horses, birds, and other animals. Furthermore, this virus is spread by mosquitos that come out in the evening, or active at night. People bitten by an infected mosquito could develop West Nile Fever (WNF) or West Nile neuroinvasive disease (WNND). WNF is a lot milder, but WNND is severe. Symptoms include headache, severe fever, tremors, paralysis, and you could go into a coma.

Zika Virus

Mosquitos that spread this virus are most active during the day. If infected, an expecting mother risks the possibility of passing the virus to her child. This disease can cause congenital disabilities, such as microcephaly. Currently, there is no vaccine for this virus. In 2016, there were 315 cases reported in Texas.

Houston TX mosquito control services near me

Mosquitos are effective at spreading diseases such as dengue and Zika virus.

The Lifecycle of the Mosquito

Mosquitos are abundant in Texas. Because of their short lifespan, they must reproduce very quickly. The life of the mosquito is divided into four parts.

  • The Egg Stage – Female mosquitos will lay their eggs in still water called nurseries, or in the soil. She lays them clusters called rafts, and she will lay anywhere from 100 to 300 eggs at a time. Eggs are very tough. They thrive during the summer months but can remain dormant during the winter to hatch in spring.
  • The Larval Stage – After hatching, larvae will emerge from the egg. These juvenile mosquitos look like small aquatic worms. They are very active in their nurseries and must feed on microorganisms and organic matter floating around. They’re quite small when they hatch, being under 1/4th of an inch. Larvae have siphon tubes on their backs, which help them hang from the water upside down.
  • The Pupal Stage – Larvae will molt, or shed their exoskeleton four times. After the fourth time, they will become a pupa. They develop a cocoon-like appearance. They’re undergoing a metamorphosis. During this stage, they do not feed on microorganisms within their nursery. However, they can still move and react to stimuli, such as sunlight. This stage only lasts four days.
  • The Adult Stage – Finally, the adult emerges. It’s weak and fragile at first, so it waits on top of the surface of the water for its body and wings to harden. Then it flies off to eat and mate.

Female mosquitos are the only ones that feed on human blood and animals. Its male counterpart feeds mostly on the nectar of flowers and fruits. Females live up to a few weeks, while the males only live for an average of seven days.

Houston TX mosquito control services near me

We provide reliable installation, maintenance, and repair plans to keep your home mosquito-free.

Houston TX mosquito control services near me

As you can see, mosquitos are more than pests. They can spread horrible diseases straight to your home or business. That’s why it’s essential to install a misting system to keep the bugs from biting. We offer quality installation, maintenance, and repair for your home or business for affordable prices. Additionally, we offer protection year-round. Most fumigation systems only provide a short-term solution to this problem. Mosquito repellants often don’t work and just leave you smelling bad. Our misting systems are hassle-free and fit within your budget.

Texan Mosquito Systems helps you regain your peace of mind while outdoors. On top of that, we help install our sprays and nozzles into your home or business that’s under construction. Our technician will work with you and your builder to install our systems to keep your home mosquito-proof. Once you’re outside enjoying the evenings in peace, you’ll be glad you searched for “Houston TX mosquito control services near me” and got our services.

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