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Houston TX mosquito company is family oriented!

Houston TX mosquito company can help mosquitos become a problem of the past for you. Like the pests they are, we eliminate mosquitos from your home and business.

There are many ways to rid yourself of these disease carriers temporarily. You can spray yourself every day, buy numerous candles, and even get a mosquito curtain. None of those will permanently rid you of the pests like Houston TX mosquito company can.

Using top of the line, research-supported systems, we can help rid you of your mosquito problem.

Unlike most mosquito systems, ours is the most bang for your buck. Misting systems are all the rage now. They are easily invisible, allowing you to maintain the look you like for your home.

How we can Help

If you want to get rid of mosquitoes for good, choosing us is the best possible option. Our team of technicians and representatives are always eager and ready to help. Customer service-oriented, we supply you with the best assistance possible. If you want to completely switch over to a new company, and instead need repairs done on an existing system, we help with that as well.

Whatever option works for you is the option we encourage you to choose. When you enlist our service, for whatever reason, we help you to the best of our ability. Our maintenance team is ready and checks the condition of your existing system upon arrival.

A maintenance check allows us to fix whatever might be wrong with a system already in place. By operating at its best, we extend your system life to the max. The longer your system is in place, the longer the mosquitos stay away.

If you require a new system or don’t already have one, we help with that. Our misting system is the best option for wherever it needs to be installed.

Houston TX mosquito company

Get rid of the pests today!

As a safe option, our misting system sprays a fine mist through the area the structure occupies. So that means its harmless to anyone in contact with the mist. But we do recommend that nobody is in the area while the system is spraying.

Maintaining the aesthetic of your home and business is a priority. The installed sprayer nozzles are placed intricately to ensure your home or business design remains optimal. Granted that your home allows for it, we can put the sprayers almost anywhere around your yard.

Our company does its best to provide the best service possible. Houston TX mosquito company allows you to maintain the outdoor experience that you love.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation of the sprayer system happens in a process. To provide you with the best results, we always begin with a consultation, completely free of cost to you. Next, after you schedule the consultation, we will come out to assess your property. We take measurements of the property and determine the materials we need to get the job done.

This aids us in providing an estimate for you. At this point, you can let us know if the price is within your budget. If you decide hat it is, we go ahead and schedule the installation appointment.

On installation day, our tech team arrives at your home ready to install your new system. Depending on the measurements we took previously, we install either a tank or tankless system on your property. This process can take anywhere between 4-10 hours, depending on the size of your property and the system. But the time will have been previously addressed.

Next, our technicians explain the completed job and ensure you don’t have any additional questions or concerns. Finally, we explain to you how to operate your system and explain the settings. Lastly, we schedule future appointments for maintenance checks so that your system is always running at its absolute best.

We schedule future appointments according to your convenience. Our hours of operation remain wide to provide the best and optimal service to our customers.

Additionally, you are in need of a repair to your system; we will assist you. Most repairs are simply a matter of unclogging the pipes in your sprayer or a simple system reset. No matter the issue, rest assured, we fix it.

Benefits and Mosquito FAQ’s

Fresh air and scenery will always be available to you with our misting system. Our team of techs is always readily available to help, even after installation is complete. Again, comfortable and worry-free is all we want you to be when our system is in place at your home.

Mosquitos do more than just bite. They carry viruses and disease-causing pathogens that can seriously harm you and your family.  The Zikka and West Nile virus are two of the viruses mosquitos are known to carry. So it’s more than essential to rid your home of these pests.

Our system works immediately and is simple and easy to use.

Additionally, you shouldn’t worry about the effectiveness of our system. The state of Florida funded research studies on our systems and have proven them to be highly effective. In the study, yards treated with our system saw an almost 75% reduction in mosquitoes compared to untreated yards. It’s proven, our system works.

Finally, you can rid yourself of the repellants and control mechanisms at your home that are often inconsistent at keeping you and your family safe. If you have questions regarding the effectiveness of our systems, you can give one of our customer representatives a call at (713) 344-1984. We are ready to help.

Your questions are always important to us and are imperative to improving our company and system as a whole.

Houston TX Mosquito company is here to Help

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